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Thank you Fallen Guardian,

I appreciate your reply, this link you gave me seems to be a better Tutorial for me to follow than what I was, since the one I had been following, obviously used , (from what it looks like), this tutorial, then converted it to kotor 2.

While this tutorial seems to be for the first game, which is precisely what I wanted !

And hopefully, this one, will help me get my own new character into the party. I figure if a character from the game has to be replaced in order to do so, as the instructions seem to say, then I will choose to replace HK47, since (though he is indeed one of my favorite characters), he is not needed in order to go through the storyline of the KOTOR.

So, I'm going to play the game to the point of arriving on dantooine, then I shall follow this Tutorial you gave me the link of, since I want my new jedi character to be on the one planet that a jedi most obviously would be during this game, Dantooine.

Thank you very much, Fallen Guardian. And may the Force be with you.

Oh, a few questions more:

1-Is there a way to choose the position and map you have the npc ? before they join ?

2-The other thing I am unsure of is whether I create a "new project" file into kotor tool for this? or not.

3-Also, when it comes to the dialogue , adding the script to it, when I was following the other tutorial, I couldn't figure out how to do it. Perhaps I installed the dlg-editor wrong? I placed the folder into the programs86 folder of my c drive.

4- I have the dvd collection for the games, will it still work with that?

5- do I place the files I create during this tutorial, into an "override" folder I create in the folder the game is in?

By the way, I agree with your quote, " If someone "falls" and "returns", they never really truly fell". Well said, friend.


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