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1) The viewdistance for your new Ebon Hawk .mdl ingame is extremely small?

2) Map shadows? Do you mean normal/bump maps? Colour tints? As in game shaders?

3) What's a trimesh? Do you just mean the .mdl file's mesh? From what I understand I don't see how this is a problem. Something that has illumation set as 0,0,0 disables the RGB channels thus rendering it a solid black.

Just trying to to identify problems with Kotor before I start modding myself. Haven't had time to read/watch the tutorials but I'm trying to understand what issues people are putting up with when modding this game.

Also, how did you increase the tri count? Did you just smooth the entire thing? Did this change anything with the UV map at all? When modelling with Max I got the impression you don't change the mesh at all once you start texturing.

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