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Originally Posted by Xavier1985 View Post
sorry for the necro bump :P

just wanted to say something.. Aliens do exist, it is a mathematical impossibility for them not to, i mean we are in existence and we live in a universe that has billions and trillions of galaxies each with trillions and trillions of star systems and each lets say each star system has 4-9 planets in, of course some may not have any and some might have far more and for only one planet to support life in one of the younger solar systems, logic dictates there has to be other planets out there that also support intelligent life. Not saying there are galactic civilisations out there, but it could very much vary from cavemen types to space travelling types.

maybe some beings have stumbled across our back water planet and peaked in, maybe not, no one truly knows, but i do not believe in abductions, especially those cases in the deep south of the usa, out of all humans on the planet, why would a superior race want a local uneducated hick compared to a world leader, a great artist, scientist or writer? would be a ridiculous thing to do surely. And they wouldn't need to take a random person away to experiment, if they are that superior, they would be able t gather any intel with out being noticed.

also, if they did come here, they wouldn't be interested in us, we are relatively unevolved and would be in the stone ages compared to their level of science and technlogy (think of star trek and advanced species only contacting species who learn how to travel faster than light etc).. if they wanted anything from this planet, it would be the most evolved life on this planet, which would be both bacteria and cockroaches.. because they have both evolved to survive almost anything..

and perhaps the reason we all feel alone in the universe is because we are not technologically and mentally evolved enough to be out there and proving whether we are or not.

anyway, rather deep, but there are my 2 cents, as they say.
Shows how much you know about the subject. First off, we study less advanced civilizations all the time. We study primates. If we were sufficiently advanced, we would enjoy studying another society to see if their advancement mirrors ours. Not to mention, WE are the most advanced species on the planet. We don't adapt to our environment, we adapt our environment to us. We constantly evolve intellectually. We've evolved to the point where our machines can do the exploration for us.

And your crack about the south... well... A number of people who have seen, or been abducted by(or rather, claim to be, as we cannot be sure), aliens come from "intellectual" areas as well. Think about it. If you want to study a species with as little impact as possible, you do not go and step in the ant hill, you collect the ants from the outer edges...

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