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I guess I would not be opposed to it. Their respective characters are similar looking to the voice talent. Though I do think someone suitably tall and domineering needs to play Malak with a voice over by the original actor, in a similar way to Vader in the original trilogy.

As someone who has done production video work on amateur scale, once upon a time, I do think it would be necessary (editorially speaking) to cut out things like SWTOR, the Revan novel, and TSL from the story. The way it was, originally, was fine, with some of the background.

It'd be much cleaner story wise that the technology of the Rakata and their Star Forge were a corrupting influence. In fact, in the legacy era right now they just started a new series of comics, Cade Skywalker's Jedi Order recovering and experimenting with dark technology of the Rakatan era--the Forcesaber.

This way omission would not contradict canon in any major way, remain basically true to the original story overall, and some freedom would be gained for small things. It'd leave out what essentially is still a W.I.P. with SWTOR and leave no cliffhangers.

So much is my sentiment on the matter. Take it or leave it as you see fit.

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