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Thank you Fair Strides, for your reply.

I appreciate your advice. I shall definitely take what you've said into mind as I write dialogue.

So far, I have managed to add one sentence of dialogue , which I replaced a blue "continue" line with. I used the dan13_vandar.dlg file in the dlg editor, "reply 88".

I would have added it as an option of a reply there, yet I have not got to that stage of progression with learning this stuff.

There was one line I took out from the code that I was using as well , I took this out:


(purely by guessing that was what I had to do), in order to stop the game from going to the party selection screen during the dialogue there, at which I had added that dialogue sentence and script.

I've got my new character in the game's party now, "Master Aaron", I've made him an old jedi. And plan to have him give a good background story in the future once I figure out how to add custom character dialogues, such as you see when you talk to other party members, like when you talk to bastila she eventually tells you her past, carth does too etc.

I want to do that with this character eventually as well.

Yet anyhow, the part I'm stuck on with this tutorial right now, the same tutorial :

Is step 6 (I have yet to figure out 2-b as well), anyhow I created a saved file of portraits.2da and place that into my override folder,....yet it doesn't seem to add the picture to the party screen.....

Also I was unclear as to save as xml or not, so I did not.

there's two save as options in the 2da editor for kotor tool.

I try to go to the link that it said to go to , for more info on this, yet there is no info that I can understand there....or at least see of...

I also plan to add my own voice to his character when he speaks dialogue. Or at least I hope to learn how to do so....

One other thing I do not know yet, is how to have it so the character can wear robes and armour. I seem to be able to equip him during game testing, yet it's not visually there...

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