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Originally Posted by Xavier1985 View Post
logic dictates there has to be other planets out there that also support intelligent life.
That depends entirely on what would be classed as 'intelligent' life. Personally, I'm not convinced that there's enough of it on this planet, let alone out there.

Originally Posted by Xavier1985
maybe some beings have stumbled across our back water planet and peaked in, maybe not, no one truly knows, but i do not believe in abductions, especially those cases in the deep south of the usa, out of all humans on the planet, why would a superior race want a local uneducated hick compared to a world leader, a great artist, scientist or writer? would be a ridiculous thing to do surely. And they wouldn't need to take a random person away to experiment, if they are that superior, they would be able t gather any intel with out being noticed.
Perhaps a knowledge of human anatomy? And if they are the dumb, uneducated hicks of your example, it would give 'them' a good escape clause. No-one would take them seriously. Abduct and experiment on a Professor, author or world leader, however, and people might start paying attention when they claim to have been abducted.

Originally Posted by Xavier1985
also, if they did come here, they wouldn't be interested in us, we are relatively unevolved and would be in the stone ages compared to their level of science and technlogy (think of star trek and advanced species only contacting species who learn how to travel faster than light etc).. if they wanted anything from this planet, it would be the most evolved life on this planet, which would be both bacteria and cockroaches.. because they have both evolved to survive almost anything..
This planet is screaming for attention. With all the radio waves and satellites we project into space I certainly wouldn't be surprised if our neighbours came to investigate who was making the racket.

And I wouldn't use Star Trek as a basis for comparison with real-life extra terrestrials. It's a nice idea, but the assumption that whatever is out there is benevolent is frankly a little naive.
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