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Originally Posted by Aaron00018 View Post
I've got my new character in the game's party now, "Master Aaron", I've made him an old jedi. And plan to have him give a good background story in the future once I figure out how to add custom character dialogues, such as you see when you talk to other party members, like when you talk to bastila she eventually tells you her past, carth does too etc.

I want to do that with this character eventually as well.

Yet anyhow, the part I'm stuck on with this tutorial right now, the same tutorial :

Is step 6 (I have yet to figure out 2-b as well), anyhow I created a saved file of portraits.2da and place that into my override folder,....yet it doesn't seem to add the picture to the party screen.....

Also I was unclear as to save as xml or not, so I did not.
To give the character a party dialogue, you have to add the name of the dlg file(minus the .dlg part) to the Conversation section of the character file(the .utc you made). Just see the pics here.

And for the portrait, check here. If you need further help, feel free to send me pictures of the files, including the .2da files, in a private message(just click on my name and select the private message option).

Originally Posted by Aaron00018 View Post
I also plan to add my own voice to his character when he speaks dialogue. Or at least I hope to learn how to do so....
There is an editable section in the dlg editor tool called "VO_Resref" where you type the filename of the audio line. You can make these with sound programs(Windows has Sound Recorder, or you can use Google) and save them as .wav files, in the override folder.

Originally Posted by Aaron00018 View Post
One other thing I do not know yet, is how to have it so the character can wear robes and armour. I seem to be able to equip him during game testing, yet it's not visually there...
Copy all the model and texture column data from a party member's(preferably same gender) row in the Appearance.2da file and add that to the line of your party member.

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