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Originally Posted by Sam Spain View Post
When making an account on this forum I was not able to use my hotmail address because the admin here don't like that it sends automated messages to validate accounts in the spam folder. It then suggests gmail which I have. Gmail does the same thing. I had to go in my spam folder to activate my account. Since most email services will put that email in the spam folder the point of not allowing people to use hotmail to do this is lost.

This isn't something that will ever bother me again but for those who are still to sign up in the future I feel that I should suggest that this now pointless email limitation be removed. Let them use hotmail, they'll have to go through a spam folder anyway.
The reason some email services are blocked for registration is not because we "don't like" them, or because they spam list the activation email.

The reason is because those few email services have refused to deliver the activation emails at all, just tossing them back to our mail server. So if the restriction wasn't there you'd be waiting forever for an activation mail that would never arrive, should you use one of those services.

It may be inconvenient, but since those services for some reason have decided to arbitrarily blacklist Lucasforums there isn't really much choice.

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