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Thank you both, Fallen Guardian and Fair Strides, Very much for your help!

It is nice to have some help with this. And I can not express enough how much I appreciate your replies ,and indeed anyone else whom replies in the future as well.

So many times in the past , when I've worked on different kinds of projects, I've worked on them alone it seems, and when I would post questions on posts, I would not get help, though that was electronic projects. This project , of the kotor game I am working on , is something I have not done before. And so it is all new to me.

Having said that, I managed to get my picture of the head of my character on the party selection screen yesterday!!! Thank the Force!

I will most certainly take in mind what you both have said. Presently, I am using the DLGeditor to create dialogue which I plan to insert to my "Master Aaron" character. I've also looked up on this page:
info on Darth Malak. All I knew before, was what was in the two games.

I plan to use that info (as I am supposing that it is accurate?), for information my character will know about Darth Malak. This way, the kotor game has some added info about that character, info that perhaps most players might not have known.

This way, I can have my character remain true to the storyline, and that way I don't ruin any (hopefully) of the history with my addition to the game.
One thing I find important is to keep true to the Heart of the story as best as one can, while still being able to add your own twist to things.

One thing I can't help but add, is comedy. That is for the choices in dialogue the mainplayer can choose.

Currently, I have it so that , when Revan returns from the first starmap on Dantooine, and talks to the Council, that right before Master Vandar says that to send him off alone would not be good, I have added the dialogue option for the main player asking whether he will have a Jedi Master.

The two options are, good and bad response of course. The bad response, is quite hilarious, and contains swear words.... So um, yeppers, this mod will contain some swear words.

I've made this post so much longer than intended I am sorry! I better get on with the main points I was going to say.

Ok, onward:

1. "To give the character a party dialogue, you have to add the name of the dlg file(minus the .dlg part) to the Conversation section of the character file(the .utc you made). Just see the pics here."

- thank you for that link, Fair Strides!! I definitely will use that link. I see in the "basics" tab, using the kotor tool, (as the pics show), the conversation area exists. I imagine that is the area you were speaking of. I have bounced back and forth with that tool and the "kgff" tool. In that tool I'm guessing at "conversations", I would place the name of the file at "value" ? without the extension of .dlg?

2. "And for the portrait, check here. If you need further help, feel free to send me pictures of the files, including the .2da files, in a private message"

- Thank you most kindly for offering your help. I am trying hard to do the steps myself ,with the wonderful help of some tutorials here, and with any good people (such as yourself, Fair Strides and Fallen Guardian), great words of advice or extra tips .

Yet I hope that offer still stands, just in case I get sooo frustrated and stuck sometime please?

I want to learn how to do this because I luv the universe which is contained within these two games, so much! That I want to be able to add my own idea's to that universe. And thanks to you wonderful souls, all of you, everyone here, you've made this possible!

I plan on going to school next year in january sometime, for video game creations, once I find the right course to do online out here. There's so much I want to create someday.
Yet star wars is where my heart is for video games, especially KOTOR. It's saved my mind more than once in life from being over stressed.

3. "There is an editable section in the dlg editor tool called "VO_Resref" where you type the filename of the audio line. You can make these with sound programs(Windows has Sound Recorder, or you can use Google) and save them as .wav files, in the override folder."

I have "audacity" on my computer, and a headphones-microphone.
I was planning to use this tutorial:
once I got my dialogue written, yet from what you have said, that sounds to be even easier..... Shall I just do as you said? And record my lines, then put the wave files in the override file, and then add to the dlg file? That does, to me sound ALOT easier and better and faster than what the tutorial looks like, (though that tutorial was written quite well).

4. "Copy all the model and texture column data from a party member's(preferably same gender) row in the Appearance.2da file and add that to the line of your party member."

- I shall try that out, thank you!

5. One other question, (when I type that, I am reminded of a great show I use to watch called "Columbo", he was a detective and always would ask "just one more ting.." LOL great character, bless his soul), anyhow, one last question for the moment:

- At the moment I have created an "override" folder, and stuck that into the kotor 1 game folder on my c drive. Now, I have heard of a ".mod" file??? Forgive me, for perhaps sounding unintelligent, yet without questions there are no answers are there?

Yet, what is that? my guess, and I'm only guessing mind you, is perhaps a person can create a folder to put into the "override" file? I'm not too sure...

Well time to get back to work. It's 2:04 p.m. here, and as good ol John Wayne use to say " we're burnin daylight".

So, once again, thank you both , Fallen Guardian and Fair Strides, I am grateful for both of your replies and indeed any more info or advice you are willing to give. I look forward to reading more replies in the future hopefully.

I will keep updates on this post.

And May The Force Be With You.

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