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Author: Revan-sama

Game: Star wars Knights of the old republic.

Pairing: Youngling Padawan Revan x Youngling normal (not Jedi) Bastila.

Summary: Young Bastila Shan didn't join the Jedi order, instead she remained with her parents on their home on Talravin. But when the master Jedi Kreia need the help of a treasure hunter to find an ancient Jedi artifact, soon enough Bastila and Kreia's apprentice, Revan, become friends.



What a strange notion.

Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can't keep it, but you can spend it. Once you've lost it you can never get it back.

That was how Bastila Shan, former Jedi knight, felt it.

Everything, all her precious memories, everything she did or said, all the people she has met.

Her father.

Her mother Helena.

Her husband Revan.

Everyone was slowly driven away as the time began to flow.

Even though she never regretted anything and treasured every moments together, Bastila was lonely and missed terribly Revan when he left her to fight the true sith...
All this for a better future for their son and herself.

Her beloved son...Vaner Shan.

He always did his best to make her feel better, even if it wasn't always a success.

She was grateful and loved him very much.

But sometime it was painful, looking at him was painful. Because the more he was growing up, the more he was looking like his father.
Same long dark brown hair and same eyes.

She taught her son to never hate his father. Always telling him that everything he did was for him to have a life without war.

It wasn't always easy for her, but she was conscious that it wasn't easy for her son neither. Living without a father was hard for him.

As she grew older she began to feel weary and had a poor health.

Vaner as politician had enough money for the doctor...but she was already tired of living.

Even if it was painful without Revan by her side, she had quite a full life. And now it was time to say good bye...

As she closed her grey eyes, Bastila remembered what her son asked her when he was five years old.

At that time she had no answer.

"What if you had never join the Jedi, mommy? What would you have wished for?"

What would I have wished for?

Different things?

Different persons to meet?

Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can't keep it, but you can spend it. Once you've lost it you can never get it back.

But if you were actually capable to come back...To make a wish, to change the course of time.

What do you wish for?


I would...

And it began this way, erased by reality but reborn because of a wish.

I want to meet that person again!
No matter the situation, no matter when.
I want to meet Revan again and again!

The unreachable become reachable.
The unavailable became available.
The course of time has changed.

-Chapter one: A Fateful meeting never meant to die.-

While her mother wasn't looking, young Bastila Shan decided to go outside to a shop and buy a new Datapad for her father's birthday.

He had broken the last one while going to his work of treasure hunting.

Her mother, Helena Shan, was very angry with him at the last hunt. Probably because he didn't earn much money this time.
Bastila frowned, her mother had never enough with those treasures hunts.
Always she would sent him away hunting and leave her alone with her mother. And when she wanted to go with him, Helena refused.

Bastila bit her lower lips, her mother was really a despicable person. How could her father marry such woman?

Anyway, she took some money at home from her mother (without her noticing) and found a better datapad for her father. Bastila was sure he would be delighted.

She was walking home as fast as she could, because it was going to be night soon. Almost, she was almost there until she bumped into someone. Before she knew it, a four bandits surrounded her.

"Hey, where do you think you're going little girl?" asked the man who seemed to be the leader.

"I-It's none of your business!" said Bastila while trying to get away from them.

"Oh? Not even a 'sorry'? You're really have some guts to say that to me." The three others laughed at her.

She was now in a corner, she couldn't get away and was beginning to worry.

"And what's in the bag? what did you buy? hmm?" asked the leader.

"It's a present for my father, I won't give it!" Even though she acted brave, Bastila was scared. There was no escape.

"Did you hear that guys? The little girl here likes to act strong, but let's see if she remain that way after we break her." The leader took Bastila by her neckband and one of the bandits took the bag and crushed it. Bastila was going to scream but all the sudden:

"Wha-!" Boom, the leader was on the floor and released Bastila. Someone has thrown a medium rock on his head.

They turned around to see, who did only see a young boy standing there with a determinate look on his face.

He was older than Bastila but not much. He had mid long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

That rock seemed kind of heavy, how could have this boy lift that rock?

Before she could realize what was going on he said something:

"Either you let her go or you're the next." He seemed quite brave for a boy of his age.

But then the leader got up, angrily and glared at the boy.

"I'll make you pay for this, brat!" but the boy was calm anyway.

Then he looked at the young boy's clothing and noticed something.

"You! Those clothes, you are a...!"

Then another rock was in the air. Bastila couldn't believe it...this boy, he was a Jedi.

"Boss, he's a Jedi. What do we do?" asked one of the bandits.
The leader hit the guy in the face and told the two others : "He is just a brat acting tough! Get him!"

However even if he was just a kid, he had something that they didn't have.

The force.

He made them fall down and strike them with his saber.

They didn't last much and leaved.

After that the boy came toward Bastila who looking at the bag with a somber expression.

He smiled and asked her : "Are you alright?"

But instead of saying thanks, she glared at him with tears in her eyes.

"Do I look like I'm fine? ! This was supposed to be a gift for my Father's Birthday! And now the Datapad is broken!"
She sobbed a bit and said "Mother's is going to yell at me too if she knows..."

The boy's eyes widen then felt guilty about making Bastila cry.

He looked at the bag and took the broken datapad out of it.
He examined it for a while then said with a grin : "It doesn't seems to be that broken, I can repair it if you want!"

Bastila stopped crying and look at him in disbelieve.

"Really? !" she asked eagerly.

"Yeah! I'll do it right away." After a few minutes of repairing the datapad, testing it to see if it worked correctly, if there wasn't any scratches on the screen, The boy hand it to Bastila and said :

"There! It is good as new!" She looked at the item then blushed a bit.

She didn't took it back.

"Hmm? What's wrong?" asked curiously the young boy.

Her red face became more red.

" repaired it, without asking anything...I yelled at you..." He stared at her for a moment then smiled : "It's nothing, you were upset, I understand."

"And I don't even know your name." she said without looking at him, feeling embarrassed.

"Oh! You're right, I'm Revan, Nice to meet you...uhm..."

He repeated her name and then smiled a bit "Bastila...What a pretty name!"

She blushed again and looked elsewhere. Revan was the second person to say that her name was pretty. The first one was her father.

"I thought it was a strange name..."
"Not at all!" he said with a grin. She couldn't help but feel frustrated, she didn't know if he was mocking her or if he was serious.

"It's kind of getting late, do you want me to go with you?" True, it was already dark, with no one in the streets.

"You don't mind?" asked Bastila.

"No I don't, beside it wouldn't feel right to let you go alone." She glared at him a bit and puffed her cheeks.

"I can go alone just fine."

Revan laughed a bit "You weren't saying that with those guys later"

"Shut up..." She said while looking elsewhere with red cheeks and Revan laughed even more.


They talked all the way until they arrived to the Shan residence.

Revan told Bastila that he and his master came here on Talravin for searching a Jedi artifact. But they weren't doing so well. His master had sent him for doing a chore in the city and that was how he met Bastila on the way.

"But what is exactly an artifact?" asked Bastila.

Revan was thinking of an answer then he said : "Hmm...It's like an old Jedi Treasure." explained the young Jedi.

Bastila' eyes beamed at this : "Really? ! My father is a treasure hunter, maybe he can help you and your master! I'm sure he will!"

Revan's eyes widen and said : "You really love your father, don't you?"

She giggled and answer : "Yes, I really do!"

They were at the front door. Revan was going to say goodbye to his new companion :

"Well, I'll talk to my master about it. Maybe she'll contact your father tomorrow. Until then!"

He was going to leave until, someone was tugging at his clothes. He looked back and saw Bastila looking down.

"Hmm? What is it?" asked Revan.

"Will...Will you come inside with me?" asked Bastila. She seemed shy all the sudden. It wasn't like her. "Huh? Why?" asked once again Revan.

She seemed sad and angry at the same time.

"If I go inside mother will scold me... that's why, I'll feel better if you come with me." For an odd reason, she didn't seem to like her mother very much. But this wasn't the time to ask.

"Okay." Bastila felt relief when he said that.

And as expected, Helena Shan was indeed going to yell on her daughter.

Something about "You shouldn't leave the house alone at this time!" or "You took money without permission!"

And before the last blow, Revan walked in front of Bastila and faced her mother.

"Mrs Shan, I'm to blame, it's because of me that she was late."

That woman was as strict as Master Kreia, but less calm.

"Who are you young man? ! And who are you to tell me wh-"

Revan tried to stay calm as possible, there is no emotion there is peace...

"If you have to blame someone, then it would be me.
She bought a present for her father and it was broken because of ...certain problems,
I repaired it and it took quite some time. I'm sorry but don't blame Bastila for it."

Helena was surprise by Revan's stubbornness and then looked at her daughter.

"Certain problems? Is it true Bastila?"

Bastila, who was behind Revan, was surprise and happy that he was defending her. She barely looked at Helena in the eyes and said : "Yes Mother, I was surrounded by means person and then Revan helped me."

Helena was still angry toward Bastila, but since nothing bad happen she could stay mad too long.

"Alright...But don't do that again, whatever the reasons may be."

Bastila frowned at this and Revan thanked her for not blaming Bastila.

At this time, Mister Shan was home and heard everything.

He admired Revan's courage and invited him for dinner with them as a reward for saving his daughter life.

He wanted to decline but he insisted so much and Bastila was now looking at him with sad puppy eyes.

At this sight, he blushed and had no other choice to accept.

Mister Shan laughed and said to Revan "Ah Ah Ah, I can't resist to that face neither, my boy. Welcome to the club."

After calling Master Kreia and telling her about what happen (which didn't please her until he told her Mister Shan was a treasure hunter and could help searching the Jedi artifact) they had dinner and talked about all sort of things.

Mister Shan thought Revan was an interesting young man, however there was something that didn't please him.
All the evening and after Revan left, Bastila was only talking about him.


Could it be...? !



Mister Shan : WUAAaa- My baby girl has a first crush!

Helena Shan: Dear! Stop whining like a child ! You'll wake up Bastila!

Mister Shan continue to cry a river on his wife's shoulder until the morrow.

The more the difficulty, the more the glory.
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