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He became both the hero and the foe.
A cold place with no comfort nor warm.
Alone in such a world meant to be ruled by himself.
So lonely...

A place where she couldn't return anymore.
Her beloved father, she wasn't allow to see ever again.
New responsibilities and new home.
So lonely...

Yet...In this other world, in this story the course of time has been changed.

A dark future of betrayal and redemption is not needed.

A future made of innocence and pureness deluded because of reality...
But before you, the curtain of delusion will be cut and you'll see :

A rewritten future made of Light.

Chapter two: The Innocence or ignorance of a first love?

A bright sun, a sky without any dark clouds, the blooming flowers were beautiful.
In the middle of spring, this city's garden could be really colorful.

"Such a nice day for a walk, don't you think so?" Asked Bastila.
"It surely is." answered her companion, Revan.

Today, the young padawan asked his new friend Bastila, the daughter of the treasure hunter who worked with Master kreia, to show him the city's garden.

Master Kreia was actually working with Bastila's father to locate the Jedi artifact and in meanwhile...

"I'll try to be quick as possible about it. Just don't bother the Shan family and don't take advantage of their hospitality...Understood?"
Master Kreia made the situation clear enough.

Bastila was sad that her father still couldn't take her with her (because her mother said so). But as soon as Revan become available she was delighted.

He knew the city's garden was her favorite place... mostly because Mister Shan wouldn't stop pestering him about it and it made Bastila embarrassed.

"You'll do fine on your little date." said Mister Shan with a big grin.
"It's not a date." answered Bastila while blushing a bit.

"Just don't hold his hand and..." Explained her father while showing the gesture (As if she didn't know how to hold a hand! )
"It's NOT a date." repeated his daughter with a redder face. Revan's face was also red.

He turned his face to Revan "You can tell her she is pretty and then..."
"What do you don't understand in 'it's not a date'?" Asked Bastila while blushing madly

"And FINALLY you DON'T kiss her -"
"Dear, I believe Master Kreia wait for you inside your office. You have much work to do." Said Helena Shan to her husband.

Mister Shan paled at this. Master Kreia was really strict and uptight like his wife. It wouldn't be wise to make her wait.

"Anyway, enjoy the little walk." said Mister Shan while winking at his daughter.

"Father!" Bastila was more red than an apple

She took Revan's hand and leaved quickly the place before it got worse.

Just as they left, Mister Shan called his wife.

"Hey, psssst, Helena!"

"Now what?" asked Helena Shan.

"Do something for me will you?" He came closer to her ear and whispered something.




? !

You're kidding me? !


Though the atmosphere, the mood, the pretty place, just the two of them...

It really looked like a date.

At the thought, The young Padawan's face became red.

Then he remembered what Mister Shan said...about holding hands.

He blushed madly.

But...behind that blush, there was a small hope of doing so.

Bastila was walking behind him looking at the pretty flowers.

She continue to walk until...Revan stopped and extended his hand to her.

She looked at him with a puzzled face, but he wasn't looking at her, he was too embarrassed, ashamed to look at her.

Her expression changed into a soft look and a big smile was on her face.

She took his hand in hers. They began to walk into silence.

Bastila's good mood began to change into worry.

"Revan? Are you alright?" His heart stopped at her voice. It was unsure and worried.
He didn't want to show his red face so he looked elsewhere, then he said :

"I-I'm fine." Hopefully she didn't saw it.

"But your face is all red and you said nothing..." And she saw it anyway...

Before he could say anything, Bastila came closer and put her forehead against his.

? !

He froze, couldn't move at all, and could only hear the sound of his heart.

"Maybe you have a fever." She was staring deeply in his eyes while taking his temperature.

-To a hiding corner-

"'sigh' Why am I doing this again?"

Someone was watching the scene with a great interest from a Holo-transmitter and someone else was scowling in the bushes.

"Dear. Don't you have something else to do instead of spying over Revan and Bastila?" asked Helena.

From the Holo-transmitter Mister Shan kept looking in their direction: "And miss my little girl's first date? Not a chance!"

"What about Master Kreia?" asked Helena.

"She is talking to one of my employee. Beside if you don't want to watch, nobody is forcing you." Said Mister Shan.

"I am here to prevent anything interrupting them."


"Ugh, you are impossible!" said Helena.

"hehe...You still love me right?" Said her husband with a big grin


Then Mister Shan returned his attention over his daughter and her little boyfriend.

"AaaaH! He is going to kiss her!"

"What? !" Helena rushed for a better position in the bushes and watched the scene.

"Oh? I thought weren't interested in what would happen. Have you tasted the forbidden fruit of curiosity?" asked her husband with a small laugh.



"Please, shut up."

-Back to Revan and Bastila-

Her face was closer than usual, he could see every part of her face. Her deep grey eyes.

The worry inside them and...

He tried to stay focus but couldn't anymore. He told himself countless times : "Don't look at her lips, don't look, don't..."

But it was too late, he was looking at her soft looking pink lips and...and...

"Revan?" Bastila was waving her hand in front of his face.


He fainted and fell down on the floor with a very embarrassed red face.

"? ! Revan ? ! What is it? ! REVAN!"

-Back to the Shan residence-

A few moments later, Revan opened his eyes to see a worried Bastila next the bed he was in.

"Revan? Are you feeling better?" she asked.

"Uh? Oh! W-Well yeah, I feel much was...uhm...It was the heat."

"Is that so...Well, I'm just happy you're alright...I thought for a second that..."

"?" Revan looked at her with a confused look.

"That you disliked me." she said sadly.

Revan's eyes widen and answered immediately to Bastila: "T-That's not it, Bastila! Not at all! I don't dislike you at all!"

Her eyes widen a bit, he was so serious and passionate all the sudden.

And at his word, her smile covered her entire face.

Helena Shan was looking at the scene, but not with the same eyes.

It was as if Revan and her daughter Bastila were in another world, a world only made for the two of them. A world made of innocence and purity.

A world where she or her husband didn't have a place.

"..." Without saying a word them, she leave them alone in the guest room.

-Outside the guest room-

As Helena went outside the room, she stopped her husband from entering.

"It's alright, you can bring them some tea and sweets later."

"Oh? Don't you want to spy on them some more with me?" Asked Mister Shan, teasing his wife.

"..." She said nothing.

"Helena?" He asked.

"You..." Her voice was cold "You realize that it can't last forever, right?"

"Huh? What do you mean? You don't like Revan? Bastila seem quite fond of him and-" She interrupt him brutally :

"That is not what I meant! He is a Jedi."

His eyes widen at the harsh word of his wife...and at the realization.

Jedi can't love or grown attached.

And from Revan's reaction, he had no idea yet.

Mister Shan tighten his fist and grinded his teeth.

He knew Bastila. He knew it won't be easy to explain that to her.



How as a father will be able to tell that to his daughter?

And most of all...

How will he heal her broken heart?


The more the difficulty, the more the glory.
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