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Thank you Fair Strides, I did what you suggested so far, to enable my character to wear normal stuff and gear, and I noticed that by keeping "modela", "texa","modelb" and "texb" the same that my character has, (which is row 303 in this project of mine), yet changing everything else, it does what you said!!!

Now my character can wear normal stuff ! So thank you for that! I just thought I'd share my observations. That when I did change those (that which is in quotes in this post reply), to Jolee, it changed his body to it too LOL, so I had an old jedi white man's face with a black body LOL.

So I guessed that if I changed those which I mentioned, back to the original of the row source I'm using (303), it would still allow equipment and robes and stuff, yet the body wouldn't change when there is no clothes, if that makes sense...I'm not too good at explaining things at times.

Anyhow back to work.

Thank you for your help! Thanks to You, Fair Strides, my character can now wear stuff!
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