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You are my forbidden love.
A sin that shouldn't have born for those like me.
I've repeated this sin so much that I can't count.
Touching your hand.
Trying to live gently next to you.

Infinite memories and time.
I know what should be done.
But my selfishness and heart beg me not to.
My existence that only had settled there.
From your memory, it must be...


Chapter three: Living gently in your memories.




This morning, Revan was training with his saber outside.
Orders of Master Kreia, she said if he doesn't have anything else to do except 'fooling around' he should at least train himself a bit.
And meditate. He didn't liked that much but he had no other choice than doing so.

He didn't want Master Kreia scolding him. He was going to do so until someone called him:

"Ah, there you are! Revan!" It was Helena Shan.

She was coming in his direction. What could she want from him? Could it have something to do with Bastila?

"Good morning Mrs Shan" he said politely.

"Yes, good morning. There is something I've must discuss with you about." She seemed agitated for some reasons...

They sat down on the closest bench and Helena was silence for a moment. Revan was kind of curious about what she wanted to talk.
Usually it was Mister Shan who would talk to him but Revan guessed that he was probably working with Master Kreia about the Jedi Artifact.

As for Helena Shan, she was thinking about the previous conversation with her husband.


"Tomorrow is Bastila's birthday, I have to stay late at work. That artifact is harder to find than I thought."
His wife sighed. "You're going to leave her with me alone again. You know how she doesn't get along with me."

He bite his lower lips: "Yeah, I know...But instead of me, I want you to ask Revan to come here."

Now Helena was getting angry : "We already discussed about this, dear. It would be cruel and you know it. He is a Jedi, he can't grown attached to someone.
Even if they are children without experience, even you noticed their closeness."

Her husband was silence but she continue : " That is why I think it would be better to separated them until he leaves with his master. "
Now Helena's expression was a sad one : "I can bear her hate toward me...But not her broken heart."

Mister Shan tighten his fist. That's right...He and Bastila were becoming close each day in a forbidden least for a Jedi.

Father! Revan used the force to lift a rock this big!
Father, do you think Revan will come today?
Father...uhm...what do you think of Revan?
Is that true? ! I like Revan very much too...But don't say it!

What could be said to prevent this? What could he do not to hurt his beloved little girl?

He looked at his wife sadly and said : " You're's cruel. But..."

Helena waited for him to continue, she knew it was hard for him, especially for him.

Her husband adored Bastila, anything that could pain her in any way, it hurt him too.

"But even so, there is nothing else we can do.
You know how stubborn she is, even if we explained to her, she wouldn't understand. No...She doesn't 'want' to understand that."

So you are going to let me be the bad person until the very end, dear.



"Mrs Shan?" Revan was staring at her for a while. It was as if she just realized where she was and with who she was.
She had a cold look on her face.

"Is there something you wanted to tell me?" asked innocently Revan.

"...Revan." She wasn't looking at him.


"...Won't you..."

Won't you leave my daughter alone?
Won't you be reasonable and stop this cruel game?
Won't you...

"Won't you come at home for Bastila's Birthday in the evening?
My husband won't be there since he is working with Master Kreia...But your...presence would be welcome." she said with a sad look on her face.

Revan answered : "It's her birthday? Of course I'll come!"

Again another awkward silence has fallen upon them.

Then Helena got up from the bench and began to walk away as she said :

"Anyway, be sure to come and don't forget the gift."

Mrs Shan seemed quite sad for some reasons. Reasons he could quite understand.
Wasn't she happy that it was her daughter's birthday?

But he would still go to the party and...


("Anyway, be sure to come and don't forget the gift.")

Helena's words were inside Revan's mind.


What gift?


Uh Oh.

-Later on the Jedi Starship-

Seconds were overflowing.

Minutes were passing.

Hours were arriving.

And Mrs Shan's words would enter his mind each time.

("Anyway, be sure to come and don't forget the gift.")

Sure, it was normal to get a gift for someone's birthday. But...

What kind of gift?

What could he possibly offer her?

What does she want?

What would make her happy?

Questions would shove inside Revan's mind and little time was left before the party would start.

Anyway, staying on his bed all day won't make things alright neither.
Revan decided to get up and go for a walk in the city's garden. Maybe he would find an idea outside !

-Outside, at the city's garden-

What a failure...

He was part of the elite of the galaxy, the Jedi order. The padawan of one of the most talented Jedi Master.
But he doesn't seem to be capable to find a splendid gift for a special young girl.

He asked a few people about it...but...

"Excuse me, but what could I give to a girl at her birthday?"

Either they told him to leave them alone since they were busy.

Or that : "A doll would be nice!" "Oh no, a beautiful dress would be just fine!" "Flowers!"

Too wait...I don't have any money...

"A confession of love!"

...? ! F-Forget I asked...

"How cute, he is blushing!"

-At the Shan Residence-

Helena Shan sighed. As expected, Bastila wasn't really happy to know that her father couldn't stay at home for her birthday.

And she had to stay with her mother too...what a horrible birthday.

As usual, they remained in silence so they wouldn't argue again.

I wonder what Revan is doing now? thought Bastila.

Probably Jedi training. She sighed, she really wanted him to come but he said his master wanted him to train alone today. So she didn't want to disturb him.

But...this birthday with only two persons, somehow felt...

Very lonely.

-Back to Revan-

This is a catastrophe...

It was already late and he still hasn't find a gift for Bastila.

She will be upset.

And if Bastila is upset then Mister Shan will be upset.

And a Mister Shan upset means bad news.

However even if it was so, he didn't want to give her a stupid gift.

He wasn't sure about her taste, yet he still wanted to make her happy.

He wanted to give something sincere, special...

"Sorry to disturb you boy, but I must close the shop." He was in the shop of a cabinetmaker.

"You've been here for quite a while, what are you searching for?" asked the owner of the shop.

Revan stared around the shop and sigh. He explained everything to the old man.

As soon as he finish the explanation, the old man smiled: "How about you try to do something yourself?"

"Doing something myself?" asked Revan.

"Yeah, like carving something in wood or something like that.
How about it? I'll teach you how to do it before I close the shop and then you try it alone.
It doesn't matter if it's not perfectly done. The feeling you put inside is important."

He ponder about it then excitingly Revan said to the old man : "Alright! I'll do my best!"

-Back to Bastila-

After the whole silent evening, someone was at the front door.

Helena went to see who it was, leaving Bastila in the room alone.

Until someone knocked at the door of the room : "Bastila? It's Revan, can I come in?"

When she heard the voice of her special friend, Bastila's mood changed very quickly.

"O-Of course!" answered Bastila eagerly.

The door opened.

Helena reappeared with Revan behind.

He had a small gift in his hands.

"Sorry to be late, Bastila. It was harder to make than I thought."

He present the small box to her.

"For me?" she asked.

"Yeah." He said with an embarrassed smile.

She began to eagerly open the box and gasped at the sight of the gift.

It was a pendant, A small white flower carved in wood. And there was her name carved into it.

"Revan..." Bastila's eyes were full of emotions.

Not only did he come but has bring such great gift for her.

It made her very happy.

"...? Is it not good enough?" Revan was getting worried.

"...? ! N-No! I like it very much! Thanks Revan!"

Bastila's smile has bloomed like a flower. It covered her whole face.

This Birthday wasn't so bad finally.

The whole evening was fun.

They played together, ate the cake together, and many, many other wonderful memories.

Helena Shan sighed and wonder...

How long will this peaceful event last?


Bonus: I don't want to atone by a pain of loneliness.

So let me stay gently in your memories.

For infinity.

The more the difficulty, the more the glory.

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