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I wish we meet up again with unchangeable feelings.
Then let's go hand in hand.
Until it's that time.
"See you"

Chapter four (The last) : A promise to be hold.


A time where normally everything would be peaceful and quiet.

But this night was noisy.


For Revan, they were more annoying than frightening. It was so loud that it was nearly impossible to fall asleep. But for Revan's companion it was something else.

"You're alright Bastila?"

"Y-yes...a bit..." Bastila hated thunderstorms.

They were really frightening and loud.

It was already time to go to sleep, but how was she suppose to do that?

"Come on, it's not that scary, is it?" Revan tried to cheer up his special friend.

"..." And failed miserably.

All the sudden, Bastila's depressing face was replaced with a big smile that covered her entire face.

"I know! how about you sleep in my room this night? I'll feel much better if you stay..."

Revan blushed madly and said : "Huh? ! B-But Bastila, that's just..."

"? What's wrong? You don't want to sleep by my side?" asked sadly young girl.

Revan was still blushing and was embarassed but he didn't wanted to hurt Bastila's feelings.

"That's not what I meant but-"

"Then there is no problem, right? It's decided! You'll sleep here!" said Bastila, very happy.

(You decided that on your own...) Thought the young padawan. But he didn't protest anymore and gave up.


After Seconds...

After Minutes...

After Hours...

And Revan just couldn't sleep.

Just when they got on the bed, Bastila has fallen asleep faster than he thought it was possible.

Even the thunderstorm didn't woke her up.

And now that it was gone, she was sleeping even more contently.

He felt a bit nervous, it was the first time he had to sleep in a girl's room.

"Revan..." Suddenly Bastila called his name.

"Hmm? What is it Bastila?" But she didn't answer.

Apparently she was talking in her sleep.

Since he thought it was nothing, Revan decided to try sleeping.

"I like you..."

The young Jedi froze. His brown eyes widen.


He stared at Bastila's sleeping form, she was smiling in her sleep.

If he was already embarrassed or nervous now it was worse.

He decided to try to get some sleep.

(One star, two stars, three stars-)

"Revan..." Again she called his name while sleeping but this time she was much closer.

"Wh-" Before he say something, she was hugging him and he was now her pillow.

Revan could feel his heart beating faster and faster. Bastila was getting closer and...

"...? !" She kissed him on the cheek and remain asleep. Bastila's face was peaceful
and if she was afraid or concerned about the thunderstorms before, it was now gone.

The moon shone, peeking in-between the clouds that moved up in the sky. The thunderstorms has stopped long ago and the night became quiet.

On that quiet night, Bastila was sleeping peacefully and Revan was watching her sleep.

He couldn't sleep yet. He was thinking of what just happened a few hours ago...And what his master told him before he came at the Shan's residence.


"We leave tomorrow." He stopped doing his training. He couldn't move for a few seconds, then he turned his head toward Master Kreia.


Her face didn't show any kind of emotions. It wasn't just calm...but a cold expression.

"We finally found the artifact, one month of searching, it was harder and longer than I thought, but our purpose on this planet is fulfilled.
We have no longer any reason to stay here, so we go back to Jedi enclave on dantooine"

Revan's face was hidden by his hair : "Is...that so..."

Master Kreia noticed and felt her padawan's sadness. She sighed and said :

"Revan...What have I told you recently about attachment." He bitted his lower lips.

"But Master...she is my friend, does that mean a Jedi can't have any friend? What about Malak-"

Her voice was harsher : "Is it?"
Revan's eyes widen : "Huh?"

Kreia frowned and continue : "Are you blind? Or do you fake ignorance? What you feel for that one, is it really the same as Malak?"

Revan couldn't look in her eyes anymore "I..."

"Well?" She was waiting patiently but still was frowning.

What he felt for Bastila was...what was it?

It wasn't the same as Malak, just as Master Kreia said.

Her smile, her pouting face, her angry face, her crying face, her anxiety and insecure feelings.
Each of those feelings she felt, happy or not, unselfish or selfish, all of those were precious to Revan.
The more she show them to him, the more he felt close to her.

The more he was close to her and the more he wanted to be close...

"...The more you forget about being a Jedi." Kreia finished his thoughts.


His Master's words kept bothering him. But reality was there, tomorrow he had to let go of Bastila.

"Is it so bad to feel this way?" he asked himself.

He stared at her sleeping form and a new determination came right in his heart.

I know...I know what to do...Tomorrow...I...

-The morning-

"Y-you're...You're leaving?" asked sadly Bastila.

It's been one month that Revan and master Kreia had stayed on Talravin.
But now it was time for them to leave and return on Dantooine, in the Jedi enclave. That would also mean that Revan would have to leave too and Bastila hated that.

"Y-yeah, Master Kreia said that now that we had the artifact we could leave and we still have many things to do. Sorry Bastila..." Revan also hated to leave her.

They knew each other only for one month but...Their little friendship has become something quite special.

"..." Revan began to panic a bit when he saw tears in Bastila's eyes.

"But...if you leave, I won't see you again." Said Bastila bitterly.

I hate that. I hate that. I hate that.
More. I want to be with you more!

"If you leave then when you become an adult you'll forget about me." She grinded her teeth and looked down, sobbing.

I don't want that!
I hate that!
It hurt so much...

Revan felt awful. He knew it would be horrible, but not this much.

"...Bastila." He remembered Master Kreia 's word and his previous decision.

A Jedi can't love or feel attached to someone...
Such emotions can bring you to the dark side.

That's maybe true...however...even so...I still want to believe...

In a brighter future with you.

"Bastila, could wait here for a while." She looked back at him. Her cheeks wet with tears.


He turned around and ran toward the other direction.

"I'll come back soon, wait there for a few minutes!"

A few minutes later, Revan wasn't back. And Bastila was getting sadder.

Maybe he left after all...
We won't see each other again, will we?

Tears began to fall down once again from Bastila's cheek.

Until Revan came back:

"Hey! Sorry, I'm late. I had a hard time making one."

He noticed her tears: "Ah! were you crying?"

"N-No I wasn't..." Obviously a lie...A cute lie, thought Revan.

"Here" He grabbed her hand and gave her a flower made into the shape of a ring.

"Bastila, I...Uhm..." He was nervous this time but still asked her : "Will you marry me? !"

Her eyes widen a bit and repeated : "Marry?"

Then he fought again his nervousness and looked at her in the eyes.

"This way, even if we became adults, I won't forget about you! And when I become a Jedi Knight, I'll come back here as soon as possible. Then we'll be together forever!"

Bastila looked at him in disbelieve and had red cheeks.



Revan could still feel (because of the force) that she was still a bit insecure.

" it not possible? forget about me when you become an adult?"

Her eyes widen and she shook her head furiously.

"No! I don't want to forget you. Never! It's just..."

"?" Revan stared at her with curiosity. Bastila was blushing :

"Father said that you marry only someone"

Revan eyes widen and it was his turn to blush.

"Do you...Do you love me?"

He couldn't look at her in the eyes. It make him feel weak. But even so he answer her :

"Y-Yeah...I love you Bastila."

"...? ! Really?" Her face was as bright as the sun.

She took his hands in hers and said with a big smile.

"Me too!"

Her smile was really infectious, he couldn't help but smile back.

"Revan? It's time! We must leave!" His Master was calling, he had to leave.

Bastila looked in his direction and promised to herself.

Those memories of their short time together as children would always remain.

The promise may have been childish but the love wasn't.


The more the difficulty, the more the glory.
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