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Originally Posted by Aaron00018 View Post
I got a huge problem right now, I've worked with the DLGeditor all day. Ok what happens is this:

The first red line in my dialogue, I have "yes padawan"

then afterwards, whenever I place "yes padawan" in the dialogue, I type in afterwards, in brackets, already listed, it doesn't work many times, then it does.

Anyhow, so then I go through the entire dialogue, and change it all to (already listed), and I save everything right, with save as....

And yet no matter what I do , after re-doing this again and again all day today, everytime I re-open it in the editor, it's been changed from (already listed), to [End dialogue]. Help!
That won't do anything. The "already listed" is added by the program and not seen in-game. It is basically a link in the dialogue to a separate or old branch. To make one, you need to right click the node you want to link to, select "Copy", and then right click above the node you want to add it to. From here, select the option "Paste as Copy". This will do what you want, but you can't add options after without adding to the original branch.

If you need help, try reading the read me file for the DLG Editor, or ask me.

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