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Originally Posted by Darth_Tempust View Post
I've made a seperate model that's lower poly than the textured model for HK's floor shadows to try and help with performance.

The original mesh is also used as the bones that has the 4000+ frames of animation. Rather than editing it and risking screwing up the animations, I've hooked my updated mesh to the bones and turned off their rendering.
Wouldn't adding a mesh overtop of the bones hinder performance? You're basically doubling the number of polys (or in the case of making it smoother, it's more like 2.5x to 3x).

I think that if you just edited the bones, you wouldn't mess up the animations. I've edited a model for RoR (it's a secret character, so I'm not gonna post spoiler images), and I've added polys to both the mesh and the bones, with full animations included in the model. Mind you, I only added about 72 polys to the foot bones, just so the shadow would look right.

Maybe you could do a test of just the higher poly bones without the mesh attached, and see if the animations still work out?

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