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((Thanks for the reviews everyone! Here's the next part, where the villian behind this misfortune will be revealed.))

Toryal's Quarters

Toryal looked at himself in the mirror as he strapped his lightsabers to his belt. It had been a while since he had worn his armor and it was something that he hated doing. He knew that as the Emperor's Wrath he would eventually be wear the armor but he hadn't expected it to be so soon after the defeat of Darth Baras.

It seems my life is to be one of constant battles. He thought as he closed the security chest and locked it. He looked out at the dimly light main hold and shook his head. He could sense the emotions of the crew.

Broonmark was looking forward to the coming battle with a savage bloodlust. Toryal could sense the Talz's intent to kill and knew that he would have to be watched carefully. Jaesa on the other hand was nervous and Toryal didn't blame her. If someone was intelligent to somehow hack the ship's computer and bypass the security then he knew that this foe would most likely have traps ready and waiting for them.

Pierce and Quinn were both determined and ready to face the enemy but that was where the similarities ended. Pierce was readying himself by checking his weapons and preparing his personal shield generator. Quinn was readying his kolto packs and checking his blaster pistol to make sure it hadn't been tampered with.

And Vette...his beloved Vette was checking her small pack of grenades and her blaster pistols. But Toryal could sense her fear. She had told him a bit earlier that she had recognized the voice as well but she couldn't place it either.

Korriban...Toryal thought as he left the room and headed for the bridge. It has to have been someone when I first began my training on Korriban. I made many enemies there but all of them are dead.

He shook his head and smiled grimly. Obviously one of them had survived. Toryal knew that many of his rivals had wanted him dead and he knew that more then a few Jedi wouldn't mind taking him into custody for his actions. He had been forced to fight and kill both jedi and sith in the past.

But the voice...the voice was so familiar. He could almost place the name but each time he tried it would always vanish back into the depths of his mind and would reappear hours later.

As he arrived on the bridge he could see Quinn trying to override the controls with no success. Quinn looked up at him and shook his head.

"I'm sorry My Lord. But there seems to be no way to override the navigational controls. I have managed to get our sensors and limited weapons control back but thats it."

"You've done well Quinn. At least you managed to get some of the systems back online." He turned to look out the viewport as the ship shook lightly. Quinn looked up at him. "It appears that we're about to come out of Hyperspace."

Toryal nodded and watched as the lines of stars disappeared and were replaced by some sort of space station that looked as if it had seen better days. There were blaster marks all over the outside and it looked as if it had taken a few serious concussion missle hits.

"Do you recognize this station Quinn?"

"No my lord. However it is possible that this may be some sort of pirate station. As far as I can tell, there doesn't appear to be any life signs aboard but we are getting some interference from the station itself."

A sudden beeping started.

"Incoming message over the holofrequency."

Toryal turned and headed for the center hold where the rest of the crew had gathered. The sith stood next to Vette and put a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry Vette, I promise you we'll get out of this." He whispered to her.

The holographic image of a man with a cloak over his head appeared on the display. Toryal looked closely at the man. He was wearing sith battle armor that looked very familiar but the cloak was covering his face.

"Wrath. Do you remember me now?" The man asked mockingly.

Toryal narrowed his eyes. "No. Your voice is familiar...very familiar but I don't recognize you."

The holographic image turned to look at Vette. "Perhaps you remember me. After all, you were supposed to guide me."

Vette and Toryal's eyes both widened as it finally clicked. Vette shook her head. "No...No your dead! I watched him kill you!"

Toryal watched as the image pulled the cloak back. His head was lined with cybernetic implants and had a scar going down the left side of his face. But Toryal recognized him instantly.

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