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"Light needs help down there! Avirela, could you heal up my legs, so I could at least be able to walk?"

Avriela looked down at Zarev and the corrupted Republic solders before turning to Varik.

"I'm going to try and move some of your bones back into place in your legs. You should be able to walk but Its going to hurt pretty badly at first. Use the force to try and block the pain."

Avriela gently took Varik's leg and positioned it.

"Hold on!"

Avriela used the force to hold the leg steady as she quickly began to move the bones back into place. She couldn't fix the broken ones but she was hoping that Varik would be able to assist Light.

" last thing." She said quietly as she grabbed a stimpack from one of the shelves and injected it into his leg.

"That should numb the pain. I can't fix the broken bones right now but if we have more time I can."

The Shan shook violently as two of the laser cannons were finally crushed as Zarev continued his assault on the Shan.

Vlalkor swore violently from the pilot's chair. "He's starting to attack our concussion missle launcher! If one of them detonates we might not make it out of here!"

The sound of blaster bolts could be heard hitting the hull and sparks began to erupt from consoles all around the ship. "Either we get Kif now or we don't! The ship can't take much more of this!"
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