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I know, not a big deal to all you whose digestive tract can handle dairy, but for myself this is HUGE since I have sorely missed ice cream due to discovering my lactose intolerance. This stuff is awesome good.

Oh sure I can eat lactaid but that doesn't help much if the food itself is liquid--maybe stop the bloating, and erm...nasty reaction to put it kindly, but it'll still go through in an irregular "fashion".

That's okay. I love this blood orange flavor so much anyways. And apparently I'm not the only one in the house. Someone has been eating MY sherbert.

Originally Posted by Boba Rhett View Post
Built this with my nephew today for his racing games.

Originally Posted by Sam Spain View Post
Boba, I was seven years old when you made your account on here. Cast Away came out when you made your account here. You know how old that is? Pretty damn old.
Am I detecting family here?

In any case: Welcome, Sam. Hope ya like to crack wise.
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