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Game Update 2.0: Scum and Villainy

Update 2.0, which has been called "Scum and Villainy", is on its way and is on the PST for testing right now. From the list of changes (subject to change, of course), we can conclude there will be a lot of it. Say "bye bye!" to a few skills and "hello!" to a whole bunch of new ones, there will be class changes and modifications to certain systems and certain aspects of the game.

We'll also be getting some new toys: a new operation (holy hell, it looks awesome), new hard mode FPs (some of the early FPs are being "hardmoded", such as Cademimu, Athiss and Mandalorian Raiders) and of course, the level cap is being increased.

Here is a compact page for 2.0 info and some (nice looking) screenshots.

Also, inb4 mim complaining about Cheap Shot.

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