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I liked the new Star Wars movie! And I really wish you wouldn't pull anything out of your arse...yuck!

I though it was an imaginative look at the Star Wars universe from a point of view we haven't had before. The special effects were totally cool, and I found the depiction of Jedi warriors in combat at the height of their craft thrilling. It wasn't as easy to get into as the first Star Wars trilogy; the special effects baffle as much as accentuate these days. In that respect, it didn't have the same "legendary" flavor...but inclusive with the others, it helps set up the epic.

However...I do hate Jar Jar, almost as much as I hate pikachus. If I saw him crossing the street, I would speed up and take him out with my door. He was okay for most of the movie, but he eventually got on my nerves toward the end. The movie really didn't need a clown to begin with!

Anyway. I liked the movie. Deal with it.

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