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Hi everybody !

I saw the first Star Wars movie (ANH) back in 1978, a year after it's realease. I was astonished ! I've been a SW fan ever since. The official premiere took place in my country 15/10 and I was there...but...
In the original trilogy, Lucas had SFX serving the story-telling. In TPM it's the other way around !
If it wasn't for Liam Neeson playing that good, Qui would have been nothing than a stooge. Obi-wan's role in the other hand, was literally non-existent! All Ewan McGregor could do was running around with an angry face !

Where were the notorious clone wars, the massive Jedi Knight's fights or the huge space dogfights ?

As for Jar-Jar... I don't even want to talk about IT >=(

The only thing that was really good , was the final duel and John williams' epic music.

I really hope that GL will make it up for us in the upcoming episodes...

"So be it ...Jedi"
- Emperor Palpatine
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