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"Whats going on? Who's attacking us?"

Vlalkor didn't turn from the controls. "It's Zarev. Something happened to him and now he's using his force powers against us. He's already taken out our laser cannons and now he's trying to take out our concussion missle launchers."

Republic HQ

"Stand down Zarev! I will NOT hesitate to hurt you.",

Zarev slowly turned around and released his force hold on the Shan's concussion missle launchers and turned to face Varik . His hand went down to his lightsaber and ignited his double-bladed lightsaber.

"I'm afraid your friend is no longer in control of this body." Zarev voice sounded though something was speaking through him. "Your jedi friend is no longer here. I will use him to kill you all off and than my plans will continue unopposed."

Zarev briefly gathered the force around him and unleashed a massive force wave that caused the Shan to shake violently and almost caused Avriela to loose her balance and fall off the ramp and sent Varik stumbling backward.

Some of the republic solders were starting to get back to their feet and Zarev smiled as he grabbed a large piece of debries with the force and sent it flying towards Varik while grabbing smaller pieces and sending them flying towards the Shan.

Vlalkor swore violently as the Shan continued to take severe damage. "We can't take much more! We need to grab Kif and leave before the engines take more damage and we won't be able to get into space!"
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