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"It's Zarev. Something happened to him and now he's using his force powers against us. He's already taken out our laser cannons and now he's trying to take out our concussion missle launchers."

"Zarev's attac-" Corsail was interrupted by the ship lurching sideways sending him flying off the chair he was in. He grunted in pain as he slammed agianst the ships floor. Looking up he saw Zarev outside sending waves of wreckage and debris towards the Shan.

Seeing Avriela standing on the ships ramp he unholstered one of his blasters.
"Hey Sith!" he shouted, "Use this!" He tossed her the blaster and unholstered his second one, just incase.

He tried to take aim with it but he was in a very bad angle and position. Just then Traver stumbled in. Where has he been all this time? He wondered.

Lets rock and role play!
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