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Light nodded back, having only just gotten air to return to his lungs. He took off, with his sabers in his hands. They were not ignited and through a combination of dodging and taking cover, he knocked out enough troopers to allow him access to the compound.

Once inside he found that they were actually quite close to the med-bay, and followed a couple of arrows to arrive at the door to the room containing Kif. However, as it opened, he found that it also contained five troopers, one of whom was tampering with Kif's kolto tank.

Light pushed the first two, low. This forced their legs out from under them, and, since their hands were on their guns, their faces smacked the ground. They were knocked out. He moved up, ducking the next soldier's shot. Then he swept the soldier's leg and grabbed his throat, slamming him to the ground.

Two more soldiers left, one of whom seemed to be unaffected by the events as he continued to work on the computer. Light grabbed the gun of the first as he fired a few shots, kicked him in the gut, and slammed his saber's hilt into the back of the computer-using soldier's head.

Accessing the computer, he set the devices to release Kif, who then slid out of the tank, flat on his stomach. He started to go over to him, when one of the soldiers started to get up. He delivered a kick to this one's face, and went back to Kif.

"Can you hear me? Now would be a good time to get up..."
Light heard more soldiers on their way, and belted his saber and pocketed the Sith's. He started to pick Kif's groggy body up.
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