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-Sayonara ore no ichiban itoshii sekai (Goodbye my most precious world)-

Chapter 2: The unholy agreement between darkness and light.


That is...the power of manipulating people's heart and mind into illusions.
Many Sith has excelled in this particular skill with the force. A false belief insert into someone's brain to achieve their ambitions.
While the brain washed person think having the advantage, in reality, he is simply manipulated by his opponent.

Yes...Revan knew this skill all too well, However he didn't needed the force to use this manipulative skill,
beside it wouldn't work on the masters of the Jedi council.

No, this require more subtlety and convincing argument. Something that the Jedi council couldn't refuse,
something to take off the leech of their skin, Something in common, an enemy...Darth Malak.

Revan could feel they were all nervous and frighten of what he would do.
Having a Sith lord at home as a forceful guest wasn't really reassuring...especially when that Sith lord notice what they wanted to do:
Erase some parts of his memories and take advantage against the sith.

Converting the enemy into their own believe...How arrogant and evil.

However no matter how arrogant and evil that could have been, they had no choice against Malak and the Sith.

If the sacrifice of one person could save a million people, he knew they wouldn't hesitate to do so.

It's the sad reality he had learned at war.

"Masters...please, there is no need to be alarm, do I have to remind you that I don't have my lightsaber?"
He notice their hands were close to their Jedi weapon: the lightsaber.

Especially Master Vrook Lamar, that old bat has always disliked Revan...then again, WHO did he ever liked?

"Even if you do not possess your lightsaber, you are still dangerous!" said Vrook.

Revan just stared at him with a bored look and told him:
"True enough, but I am not here to start a, I just want to talk...since this is the only option to stay alive. For you and for me."

He was right, a fight between a Sith lord and the Jedi masters would be suicide.

Either they would win but with great lost, either he and the masters would die, or in the worst case he would finish them off.

Master Zhar folded his arms : "We may just listen to what he has to say."

Master Vrook protested: "This is wrong! What could he possibly say that-"

Master Dorak took the initiative and said: " Then what do you suggest Master Vrook? That we provoke him into a battle we are not sure to win?"

The last master, Vandar agreed: "Yes, this is not the Jedi way. We do not kill our prisoners."

Then he faced Revan and told him : "You know what we wanted to do right?"

Revan nodded and said : "It wasn't really hard to guess with all of you next my corpse like vultures..."

Master Vrook's face was all red of anger, but before he could say something Master Zhar told him :

"Master Vrook, please control yourself. There is no emotion, there is peace."

Then he stared at Revan : "Are you here to provoke us or what?"

Revan's stoic face soften a bit then he had a determinate look on his face.

"No, I'm here to make an agreement between the Jedi council and myself."

? !

The four Masters were surprised that he would even suggest it.

"We have a common foe...Malak. And neither you or me can defeat him without each other's help."
Said Revan...beside the battle on the bridge has quite weaken his power of the force. It would take time to recover all of it.

But the council didn't needed to know about this.

It would make the negotiations worse.

"That is why I propose a secret alliance between you and me."

Master Vrook, obviously, complained : "So this is about Revenge, I knew it, there was a motive behind this."

"Revenge?" Revan seemed quite satisfy that he would think this way.

"Yes, you are mostly correct..." A fool can believe anything in a rush...without pondering if that believe was actually the truth or a lie.

"Mostly? What do you mean by this?" asked Master Zhar.

Revan coldly said : "I'm not here to explain my motives to you, let us just say that I'm here for Revenge against Malak, that all." then he took a more light tone.

"We are going to do as if you had succeeded at taking away my memories.
We will use that new identity to make join a republic crew.
It will be part of a larger Jedi battle fleet designed to stop the invading fleets of Malak in one year."

"What kind new identity and why one year?" asked Master Vandar.

Master Zhar added: "Yes, we don't have much time. What if malak attack the republic?"

"He won't...he will need time to build his little army, at least one year."

Revan looked at the master Vandar and answer : "That is the time needed to make myself a reputation. With this reputation I'll be able to join the republic fleet as a loner mercenary. It need to be done as discreet as possible."

Vrook Lamar looked scandalized at the word mercenary and it make Revan chuckle.

"And then? What will happen next?" asked master Dorak.

Revan stopped laughing and told him : "Just like what you planed to do. Retrain me as a Jedi."

"WHAT? !"

"Master vrook...I'm a sith lord, not a deaf man."

"You can't possibly think-" Master Zhar interrupted Master Vrook : "Continue Revan."

"As for the rest of the plan...You'll understand later."

The masters were not amused by this.

"And what is our advantage in this? What will happen once Malak is defeated? What will we do with you?"

Revan smiled sadly for some reason then he erased that expression on his face.

"After Malak is dead...well, I thought about it, and it's simple..."
"You will erase my memories for good and take away my ability with the force."

"? ? ? ! ! !"

Revan could see the look of surprise on their faces, and knew they had a hard time to believe him.

"You...You will let us erase your memories and your ability with the force? But why?" asked master Vandar.

Revan shrugged and said : "It's better than death."

"Also, I have another request...If you refuse, I'll have to fight my way through and it won't be pretty to see."
The masters felt their blood becoming ice.

Master Zhar dared to ask : "What is this request?"

Revan was silent for a moment and his eyes became gentle, just for a moment.

She was shutting her crying eyes and grinded her teeth.
She kept sobbing while healing him.

Then he looked at the masters and said : "I know you will put me under a Jedi protection to avoid me making any mess.
I want the leader of the small Jedi group who attacked my ship as my protector."

Vrook, obviously, disapproved : "Her? ! No, She is too young for this! She isn't even a Jedi master!"

Revan stared back coldly at master Vrook and said clearly : "It's her or nothing."

They glared at each other for a while until master Dorak said: "Vrook...We don't have much choice. You know this...Right?"

The old master looked down frustrated and finally nodded.

Revan couldn't help but feel proud of himself.
Convincing the Jedi master wasn't something he could have done while being a Jedi...but as a Sith lord, it was easier.

"Good, we make some progress. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll have to prepare myself for the whole year without using the force."

He began to leave toward the door.

"From now on, I shall be reborn with the name Vaner."


NEXT CHAPTER 3: the Endar Spire.


In his 'room' (cough-jail-cough) Revan/Vaner realized something very important.

Revan/Vaner: "Damn it, I completely forgot to ask them her name."

And so for a whole years of making a reputation of himself to work for the republic, as a mercenary,
Revan wondered what was the name of the female Jedi who saved his life and soul.

The more the difficulty, the more the glory.
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