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I don't use whirlwind. However without reason removing it I would still object to it. If there was a good reason, okay.
And if the requirements are the issue, what about the Sith Warrior's Retaliation? Do you use it on your maurader? Since I find it a lot harder to trigger than stun, since you can do stun yourself, and this relies purely on the enemy.

So far my lvl 29 maurader also has no rage issues, ever since getting the skills that make the +6 rage skill regenerate 3s faster and force choke. Of course, most rage-taking skill suck and the rage-giving are more awesome. I only really spend rage on 3 skills (smash, scream and the red saber thingie I don't recall the name off).

Energy with the consular is a whole other matter, since pretty much everything relies on it but wave (also stuns!) and tumult. Having plenty of additional power for Force in Balance, rock in face (I still can't remember the name) and the finisher move (same here), tied in with "continues-rock" (yeah, bad with skill names) consumes plenty of it. Makes me happy when I can use 'free' wave, although it annoys most people apparently in pugs, making me limited to just boss-fights (in which it's still very useful).
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