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Originally Posted by Darth krunchy View Post
What's your favorite order to do the planets in in KotOR I? Why?
Usually I like to do Mannaan first, since walking under water is sooo slow, and takes alot of time and patient.

You also get alot of xp cause of all the stuff to do.

Plus , I luv water. And that world is beautiful.

The 2nd planet I go to is Korriban. Because, again, the starmap is hard to get at .

The other planets, I do in different orders, and usually just avoid activating the star maps so as to just finish the other quests to gain xp. That way I can get to level 20 without having yet gathered all the star maps yet.

Though now I've created my own party member character which allows me to add 5000 xp everytime i talk to the character.

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