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So, I noticed they sneaked in one of the latest patches (as it's not in any changelog) how entering an enemy base triggers the PvP-flag. I remember good times chilling out with Imperials on Hoth about 2 months ago. Tried now, got that flag on my pants. Good thing the entire base was deserted though...
Still left me with the "joy" of removing that damn infection (5 min standing still + unknown travel time going out-of-the-way from what you're doing).

Anyone ever found this in one of the patchlogs? Or knows when it was actually changed that way? And why? Are opposite fraction enemies in a base so bad they need to be flagged, even if on a server where most live peacefully together, and Sith generally help me in my battles?

Also another fun anecdote. Was doing Ilum event. Someone died on the heroic, his team fled. So I figured I would be nice and revive him. BAM. PvP flag. Tell me... why the heck is that an act of PvP? Seriously?
So much for "it's easy to avoid the pvp flag" I heard here before.
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