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Originally Posted by Hassat Hunter View Post
What grieving could a person possibly do to an unflagged person?
Some people can be in the base flagged. I know I would be ticked if I were to get flagged in the field, like from the AoE exploit. Then come to base where I assume to be safe only to have some jerk waiting there to kill a flagged person. At least if the flagged at the start in the base, that can't just sit and wait for the opportunity. Flagged in the base and some unflagged person spots them, then they are usually killed or at least a warning goes out in general chat.

Oh and it is very easy to troll an unflagged player as a healer. Unflagged Sith is fight with republic troops on Ilum. Republic healer can set there and heal the republic troops forever and a day. I have had imp players do that to me on Ilum more than once. Even constantly shooting force lighting at you can get annoying even though it does not damage.
Originally Posted by Hassat Hunter View Post
The only problem comes when that flag IS added to the situation...
Nope you are wrong.
Originally Posted by Hassat Hunter View Post
Don't help other people in MMO, or you get penalised. Noted. Next time I will do the proper thing and steal his kill, loot his lockbox while he fights foes and all the things we're supposed to do. God forbid you're actually helping people.
Whatever…. You can ask Lynk, Milt, Jasra, Mav and pretty much anyone here. I hate being flagged more than anything, but I also try to help everyone possible. So much so Lynk even gets onto me about it at times. It is a game mechanic that you help a flagged person you get flagged. It is clear and understandable. Not really open to debate. Help or don’t help that is totally up to you. Personally I help, I may have second thoughts in a area filled with Imps and not help there, but seriously getting flagged 85% of the time means little to nothing and even if you die from PvP there is no associated repair cost, so who cares.

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