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En route to Tatooine

Varias was awoken by the soft sound of her hyperspace control panel letting out a series of soft beeps. She yawned and checked the new information that was coming in and smiled when she saw it.

She would be arriving at Tatooine in a few minutes and with it would be the start of something more than just attacking the Galactic Empire at random and being forced into hiding after each attack. No...with the assistance of the Rebels she would be able to plan coordinated attacks against the Empire and would finally be able to actually leave a lasting impression on them, the Empire would know that the few remaining jedi would not go down without a fight.

"Attention." The computer's voice echoed through her fighter's cockpit. "Arrival at Tatooine in

Varias began to hit the appropriate controls as the ship came out of hyperspace and her eyes widened when she saw the cruiser she was supposed to meet with under heavy attack by Imperial forces. She growled as she hit a different set of controls and brought the fighter's laser cannons online.

I should have known. She thought angerly as her fighter began to chase down one of the Imperial fighters. She waited until it was directly in the center of her targeting computer before firing the laser cannons and blowing it to pieces.

Next target. She thought as she brought her fighter around and targeted the next one.

Mos Eisley Cantina

Daceros was so focused on his drink that he didn't notice the Rodian who had arrived in the cantina or the woman he was playing Pazaak with. He was a bit interested however when he saw the woman grab the back of the Rodian's neck but he shrugged and got back to his drink. It didn't really matter to him what the two were talking about.

He was on his fourth glass when he felt a sudden tapping on his armor. He slowly turned around to see an Imperial stormtrooper standing behind him. He was tempted to blast the imp where he stood but that would just make him a target.

"What do you want?" He muttered angerly as the Stormtrooper pulled out a datapad and handed to him. "Dispatch from the Tatooine garrison. A tribe of Tusken raiders killed off a large group of stormtroopers and the officer leading them. A reward is being offered for their extermination."

Daceros let out a soft chuckle as his eyes narrowed. "Thats how you imps handle everything isn't it? Someone gives you trouble and you send in the troops?"

The stormtrooper suddenly couldn't breath as Daceros grabbed him by the neck and lifted him. "You tell your CO that I will never take a job from you and your empire. Do you hear me?!" He shouted angerly. The trooper was gasping for air as Daceros finally threw him over the bar and watched as he slammed into a shelf filled with empty bottles. Daceros watched through narrowed eyes as the trooper ran out of the cantina. Daceros simply returned to his drink.
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