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Originally Posted by Hassat Hunter View Post
Other than the stupid exploit, where are you flagged that you have a problem with? You do know some people do both PvE and PvP, where do they go in you perfect world?

It isn't difficult not to get flagged for anyone paying a little attention.

Areas count down before flag (you have 10 seconds to get out).

Like Lynk wrote, pay attention before reviving people and that can be avoided. Then just don't help a pvp flagged player. As to group, flashpoints and Ops don't matter, you will not be flagged there because a group member is flagged. Heroics, well quit the group is my only suggestion.

Originally Posted by Hassat Hunter View Post
Sure, next time I will LFG I will specifically add non-flagged. Since healers aren't hard enough to find already, true?
I have no problems ever finding a healer for anything.

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