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Originally Posted by Fallen Guardian View Post
You only hit the tilde (~) key, and it'll come up with something that looks like this:


In the top right corner of your screen. Also, make sure EnableCheats=1 is under the [Game Options] heading in swkotor.ini.
Okay I found out what I was doing wrong; I typed in Enable Cheats = 1 as two words not one! Now I have a new problem... after warping through the dialog I can not longer interact with any of the characters and if you try to leave and go back to the Korriban Waste ( the exit that was blocked and the message " you can not go until you confront Maltilda & Solomen ) or words to that effect, I see Maltilda's head (no body ) in the passage way leading out to the Korriban Waste and I can't do anything else. The first time I warped (from a saved game) I saw Solomon standing in the passage way, then I started from the auto save and that's when see the Maltilda head. But Miltilda is still intact where I left her. Now what?
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