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Author: Revan-sama.

Game: Star wars Knights of the old republic.

Pairing: LSM Revan x Bastila, Unrequited Juhani x LSM Revan.

Author's note the first: Why a title in Japanese? Because I thought it looks more cool this way (In my opinion)

Author's note the second: My first language is French, so don't be surprise that the dialogue are somehow different from the original game.

-Sayonara ore no ichiban itoshii sekai (Goodbye my most precious world)-

Chapter 4: The sacrifice of Blondie.

Seasons are changing; There is already a cold wind.
Even though it feel so cold in my heart, I am trapped inside the first day of that spring.

The sound of the wind, the cry of the insects, the stream of water and the rustling grass of Dantooine.
These familiar sounds are so strong, I feel like the real me will disappear within these sounds.

I was just a small child, freed of the weight I've gained as an adult,
and Master Arren Kae was reading me a certain Echani legend: "The fool and the priestess."

Basically, it was talking about a foolish man who never seemed to have mentally matured.
Everyone in the village would either pity or hate him.

Either way, he would always smile like a fool, no matter how bad he was treated.
The priestess of the village, tried to defend him as much as she could, but she couldn't contain the glares and the wickedness of the villagers.

One day, there was a terrible storm coming toward the village, and the villagers were panicking.
They asked to the priestess to pray the gods for their safety.

As she did, the gods answered her that a sacrifice had to be made.
She asked what kind of sacrifice, but they kept silence.

When the villagers learned about the sacrifice, they turned their stare toward the most 'useless' person, the fool.
The priestess begged the villagers to reconsider, there has to be another way!

But the fool took both of her hands and told her 'it is alright, I don't mind.'
No matter what she tried, he was hanged the next day while everyone (except the priestess) cheered on.

The storm has disappeared, but at what cost? The priestess ran off, crying, in the fool's house.
And there she found a small note on the table, a note to be found by the only person who cared :

'Goodbye my most precious world'

As Master Arren finished reading the story, I couldn't help but feeling frustrated at the story.

"But Master! Why did he sacrifice himself willingly ? ! Even thought he was hated by everyone? What an idiot..."

Master Arren stopped looking at the datapad and was now looking at me sadly.

"Do you dislike the fool? Do you think he was wrong?" she asked.

"Of course, I do! Why would a person take risks for someone else who hate them? !" At that time I just couldn't understand such a meaning.

Master Arren smiled kindly : "You mean the villagers?"

"Yeah! Why did he save the-"

"Who said he did it for the villagers?" she interrupted me and this time her tone was a bit more severe.


My eyes widen at this and soon I realized...
'Goodbye my most precious world.'
The note left by the fool, left in a place that only someone who would care would come in.
The priestess. If he hadn't sacrificed himself, she would have died too, and she would never leave the village,
leaving other people against the storm.

No matter how bad they were...

My cheeks redden with embarrassment and with shame.

I felt like I was as bad as the villagers in the story.

I couldn't look at my master's face...but she asked me this time with a more gentle tone.

"So Tell me padawan, what is your opinion of the fool and the priestess now?"

My chest burn and hurt at my master's words...

But I founded the courage to look at her once more and then I told her my thoughts.

"...Kind and brave..."
Like a Jedi...


(Back to the present)


Outside the Endar Spire, the explosions were getting louder.

There wasn't much time before escaping the ship with an escape pod.

Vaner was going to open the door of the room, but Trask Ulgo said :

"Because of the attack, this door is close, you'll need me the code to open it."
Then he said very proudly : "In other words, you'll need me to open it."

Vaner pondered a bit and asked him:

"Wait a second...How come you have the code of this room while I don't. This is also my room, you know."


"We don't have time for such details, I'll open the door."

In other words, you have no idea. Thought Vaner. As soon as Trask insert the code, the door opened.

"Now let's go find Bastila." said Trask and Vaner nodded.

When they ran into the other door, someone was calling all remaining republic soldier to the bridge:

"This is Carth Onasi, the Sith are threatening to overrun our position! We can't hold out long against their firepower! All hands to the bridge!"

Vaner had absolutly no idea who it was, but Trask knew :

"That was Carth contacting us on our portable communicators. He's one of the republic's best pilots!"

"Oh...Impressive..." said nonchalantly Vaner. There was no need to be so excited about it. The republic had many elite soldier by its side.

But Trask didn't seem to notice Vaner's lack of excitement and continued : "Right! Right! He's seen more combat than the rest of the Endar Spire's crew put together!"

Fan boy...thought Vaner with a bored look, unseen by Trask.

After this, Trask calmed and said : "If he says things are bad, you better believe it. We have to get to the bridge to help defend Bastila!"

You know, I would have believe it even if he hadn't said a thing. Thought Vaner with the same bored face of before.

But Trask was right, if this Carth person asked reinforcement to the bridge, it means that the main attack was there.

They had to hurry...but the second door was locked as well.

"That door is locked and I don't have the codes to open it." said Trask.

"Then how did you enter our room if it's locked and you don't have the codes?" Asked Vaner curiously.


"You'll have to use your security skill on it if we want to get past."
You're ignoring me? ! Thought Vaner.

Then he said : "You know about my skills quite well it seems. Have you read my CV?"

Trask became depressed and bitter and told Vaner : "Yeah...I did...And it depressed me..."

"Huh? Why?" asked Vaner.

"You know many different languages, You know how to fight with all different weapons, you can hack a computer,
you have security skills, you're charismatic like a leader, you are popular with the females soldier of this ship, you can cook
...What the hell can't you do? ? ? ! ! !" he began quietly then yelled about all Vaner's skills.


"Uhm...singing?" Asked Vaner, unsure.

"...I'm not even going to ask." said a more even depressed Trask.

"Anyway, just open the door and let's get going."

Vaner opened it quite fast, it's wasn't so hard to hack the door's system when you know how to do it.

As the door open, they saw a republic soldier shot by two sith.

"These Sith must be the advance boarding party!" Said Trask.

"For the repub-WAIT! Don't rush alone!"

With high speed, Vaner unsheathed his two short Vibroblades and ran toward the two sith.

Witness my past training without the force!

Yes, knowing that he would have to work without the force, Revan has trained himself very hard to take out enemies by melee and speed.

Since he couldn't use the force to upgrade his speed, he had to do it the hard way.
With physical training. Such a training could do just fine against 'normal' foe.
However, he couldn't guaranty that it would work against an opponent using the force.

And now...

Both Sith were shooting at him, he avoided two, three shots and cut in half one shot with both of his Vibroblade.
As he ran very close to them, he stopped just in time and jumped behind the two sith.

And finished them off.

After sheathing his two weapons, he took some credits lying on the sith corpses.

"Two down, now let's go." Vaner turned around to face Trask and said : " Trask? the battle is over, you can put down that blaster for the moment."

Trask was staring at him like he saw a ghost.

It was finish in seconds. Those sith had no chances. His speed was incredible.
It could almost match the speed of a jedi...No, it wasn't the speed of a Jedi, but it was faster than just a normal mercenary.

You...Who are you?

"Are you coming, blondie?" Trask realized what he had just called him and a big vein appeared on his forehead. "Just who are you calling Blondie? !"

"You, obviously. You're the only blond here." Then Vaner started to run toward the next door.

"Ah! Wait for me!" said Trask while almost tripping over the corpses of the Sith.

They fought their way through, finding a Jedi and a Dark Jedi fighting each other; killed a few sith but Vaner is the one who did most work.
Trask felt somehow useless. But Vaner would always asking if he was alright...

"You're okay blondie?"

The nerves!

But...for a mercenary who usually work alone, he was kind. Normally those guys didn't care about their comrades but even if the Blondie part was was nice of him to ask if he was alright.

And finally they arrived at the bridge.

A massif fight between Soldiers of the Republic and Sith.

Vaner wanted to join the battle, but Trask pushed him next the bridge's door.


An explosion killed everyone on both side. He got up and walked toward the window.

"Bastila's not here on the bridge, they must have retreated to the escape pods! we better head that way too!"

"This planet is very pretty" said vaguely Vaner.

A vein grew on Trask's forehead then he pointed Vaner with his finger : "YOU! Do you think it's the time to look outside the window!"

While his companion was complaining how Vaner was such 'dazed' person, he thought : The sith want Bastila alive, but once she is off ship there's nothing stopping them from destroying the Endar Spire.

We have to hurry, thought Vaner.

They continued to the next room, until Vaner felt something within the force.

? !

A dark Jedi was here, behind that door. And a powerful one too.

Damn it, thought Vaner. I've not recovered entirely all of my powers...this is bad.

"There's something behind that door." said Trask while running toward the door.

"WAIT! Don't open-!" Too late.

A man with a double red lightsaber was there, ready to fight.

"Damn, another dark Jedi! I'll try to hold him off, you get to the escape pods! GO!"

Vaner ran toward the door, but it closed.

"Wait! Fool! You can't fight him!" He grinded his teeth and put his forehead on the door.

What an idiot...Why would he do such a thing for someone he barely know? If he knew he wouldn't have done this. Playing the hero to die like a fool.

As Vaner thought those things, the voice of a certain Jedi Master came into his mind :

"Do you dislike the fool? Do you think he was wrong?"

His eyes widen.

If he hadn't sacrificed himself, she would have died too, and she would never leave the village, leaving other people against the storm.

His chest was painful.

"So Tell me padawan, what is your opinion of the fool and the priestess now?"

Master Arren...I...

His expression become soft and smiled

"Kind and brave." he said softly to himself.

That's why...I will bring your hopes and bravery with me...Blondie.

With a determinate look in his eyes.

Vaner ran toward the other door. Forward to destiny.


The more the difficulty, the more the glory.
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