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For anyone wondering what is up with PvP/PvE gearing in patch 2.0 and what it looks like here's some info:

There is completely new gear for PvP, check out this video for all the changes:

PvP Gearing changes in 2.0:

OR if you don't like videos

So there is Partisan and Conqueror gear for PvP.
A full set of Partisan gear costs 12,475 WZ comms and has 2018 expertise.
A full set of Conqueror gear costs 1,000 WZ comms, 28,600 Ranked WZ comms, and also has 2018 expertise.
Firebrand is the new Rated Gear - A full set cost 1,890 Ranked WZ comms, 2400 rating

WZ comms to ranked WZ comms conversion has stayed the same. That's pretty much it.

I would like to note the specific changes to recruit gear, that being its removal. You're probably wondering how you're going to fair in PvP without a beginner's PvP set. Well Bioware has decided to replace recruit gear with its bolstering mechanic used in brackets 1-49. In patch 2.0 there are three brackets: LvL's 10-29, LvL's 30-54, LvL 55. That means if you go into bracket 10-29 you'll be boosted up to LvL 29, and if you go into bracket 30-54 you'll be boosted to LvL 54. Your stat bolstering will be determined by item LvL not character level this time around.

For PvE gear, there is also new gear. Now we have Arkanian Gear as Tier 1 and Underworld Gear as Tier 2. I'll update this post with new costs and requirements when I'm done with classes for the day.

If you're looking for item models for all this armor check out this site:

Hope this helps!
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