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Tatooine, Mos Eisley

"You there, twi'lek!", a sand trooper shouted as he ran up to Elyshar Dourshe - who was heading to the cantina.

"What do you want?", the former Jedi spat in an almost condescending manner.

"Judging by the lightsaber on your belt, I am required by the Order of the Empire to restrain you.", he said, starting to shake. "That is your lightsaber, correct?"

"Yes, it is my lightsaber.", he said, grabbing his double-bladed lightsaber and igniting it - the silver blade shimmering beautifully. "Just what are you going to do about it?"

"I am authorized to use lethal force. Please do not make this difficult.", he said, visibly shaking as he held up his rifle.

Elyshar wasted no time in impaling the pathetic trooper. He quickly pulled up his hood and deactivated his lightsaber. He walked into the cantina to disappear into the mass of people.

Tatooine, Mos Eisley Cantina

Darasuum Kandosii was a heavily armored taung. He was standing in a corner with his arms folded, watching an armored chiss throw around a sandtrooper, and the trooper promptly leaving. He chuckled as he walked past the people - getting next to the chiss. He looked to his side to see a rodian and a human.

"Kandosii! Gal'gala." (Nice one! Allow me to buy you a drink.), he said in Mando'a, pulling credits out of a pocket on his heavy armor.

Rebel Heavy Cruiser, Bridge

Darrek Ulgo ordered several men to head to the hangar and hold off the intruders. He, meanwhile, would head to the control center - where he saw a group of Imperials heading to when he glanced through a security camera.

He ran down a series of hallways - completely empty save for a few stray blaster shots elsewhere in the ship. Breaking down the security door, he gunned down two Imperials, before taking cover against a wall. He lobbed a grenade at the other side of the room, killing three more Imperials.

The Imperial Commander was reckless, firing wildly at the doorway. Darrek rushed past him, pulling out his pistol as he shot two Stormtroopers in the visors. He turned and shot the remaining Imperial with his rifle in his other hand. He glared down the Commander, putting away his pistol and pointing his rifle at him.

"Your commander, where is he?", Darrek demanded. With no response, he walked forward. "Your commander. Where. Is He?", he demanded again, pressing his rifle barrel against the Imperial's cheek.

"Engine Deck! He's in the Engine Deck! You'll never get him though.", the Commander revealed, shaking.

"Thank you.", Darrek said. He put away his rifle, but not before kicking him in the genitals - knocking him out. Going through the computer terminal, the Imperials were able to successfully shut down the weapons systems, and ejected all of the escape pods. They also vented the hangar.

Damnit! They killed themselves as well as us!

"Commander, I incapacitated the Imperial Commander, but they vented the Hangar and shut down the ship's weapon systems and ejected all escape pods. I'm heading down to the engine bay to prevent sabotage from their leader.", Darrek said through his comlink. He heard shouting from the other end, and hastily ran to the Engine Deck.

Rebel Heavy Cruiser, Engine Deck

Caton sliced through the heavy doors with no difficulty. His distraction worked flawlessly - he lured most of the ship's defenders to the Hangar, and received word of it being vented. The stormtroopers are expendable; they can't even shoot at a target standing still. Assuming so, they most likely also shut down the weapons and ejected all escape pods. He hasn't received an update for several minutes, so he assumed they didn't shut down life support in the bridge.

He killed what few technicians were actually on the level. He wandered around until he found the access nodes to the engines. And he promptly shut them down, one by one. Also having a series of mines with him, he installed them next to the engines in case something went awry. The effects were immediate. After shutting down the main engines, the ship lurched to the left - entering an accelerated orbital decay.

"What do you think you're doing!", he heard a voice from above, and then he turned to see an armored soldier - dropping down from the doorway.

"You're too late, the ship is already in orbital decay.", Caton said tersely, activating his stealth field generator.

Darrek wasn't impressed. He's dealt with saboteurs before. He activated the thermal vision on his visor - only to find he couldn't find him! The field was shielding him from his vision! He then felt a sharp kick to the back of his leg, and a heavy hand coming down onto his collarbone, knocking him to the ground.

"Open fire on the ship. I'm going to make my escape.", he heard Caton say.

Determined not to let him escape, he got up and tackled the saboteur, who had disabled his stealth field. They were both grappling each other on the ground before a blast distracted him, allowing Caton to kick him away. Blasts occurring in succession, the ship lurched to the left - violently. He grabbed his pistol and opened fire at Caton - some of the shots connecting. The saboteur ran, and he gave chase. A few seconds later, a huge explosion knocked him to the ground. The engines exploded! And it caused a hull breach! He felt himself being drawn to the Engine Room, so he promptly grabbed an archway and kicked at the access panel, sealing the door.

He turned his head to find the saboteur was nowhere to be found. Cursing to himself, he walked down the hall and opened his comlink. "Commander, do you read me? The saboteur escaped and crippled our engines." He hastily made his way to the bridge.

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