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Deus Ex: Human Defiance trademarked; Update: Deus Ex: The Fall domain names

Square Enix trademarked 'Deus Ex: Human Defiance'. It's registered for computer games, so it's not the title of the movie or the codename for the Adam Jensen plush toy I know they're making soemwhere I will have my hands on it I swear it.

I'm not as immediately fond of it as 'Human Revolution', but it'll do in a pinch. I mean, it could've been Deus Ex: Human Revelations: Redemption: Revengeance.

It's most likely to be a sequel, considering the name, but other long shots include:

- The Wii U port of Human Revolution
- HD remake of Deus Ex

Human Revolution's trademark was filed in February 2010, same month as this one - so if they use the same timetable as before, expect a reveal in the coming weeks and a proper showing at E3 this year. The Xbox Infinity reveal happens in April, so that also sounds like a good time.

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