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Heh, people were suprised I could complete HM FP's with pre-Tionese gear just fine (well, haven't tried LI of course). Having access to purple now, it can only get better. I'm nog such a noob as you guys want to believe. I do take suggestions. However simply removing a powerful ability isn't really a "suggestion".

I got complains about Force Wave use in HM FP's. I refrained to use it throughout that entire match with the person complaining about it. But I am not going to remove it from my quickbar. Free damage (no force power), individual recharge, AoE, tumult option. It's pretty good. Just have to be careful when to use it. Sometimes I do blast people out of the big green thing on the floor (when it's cast when I cast it), but more than that I use it to blast people in the green area. Or force a fall. Or just plainly do damage to all boss-types. Save a teammate being attacked. If I was going to simply ignore it like I apparently should I only hamper my options to be useful. Same for tumult. It's use may be limited, but in those limited cases, it's usually the best option. Nothing says me other powers doing less damage *and* taking my precious force are better. Because why waste Force when the kill can be done without? I think that would be called... efficiency.

Priority list (for me);
Force in Balance (Even single target, every CD. Sidenote; The balance line gives force suppression to this power, aside from granting it. Which helps making all powers afterwards more damaging.)
Sever Force (On a target not currently afflicted, or about to expire. Also hopefully critting and healing)
Force Breach (Keeping DOT active while I do more damage. Also, again, healing)
Telekinetic Throw
Spinning Strike (Target at 30% health or less)
Double Strike
Mind Crush
Saber Strike (If Out of Force)

Yeah, the healer or tank usually gets the blame. Can't say I always agree. Remember Colloid Games (aweful FP) where the healer left after a wipe first enemies after that stupid turret stuff. And rage-quitted. Our new healer fortunately was a lot nicer, and we trained the tank a bit, making him more effective, and in the end finishing the FP all together. It's better to train people unknowing than ragequit and leave them in the dark, or repeating mistakes next fp.
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