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First of all thanks a lot to you guys, you totally helped me getting Kotor 1 running on my lapotop, but now im stuck with kotor 2.

I installed and patched it all as admin and in compatibility mode Win Xp SP2 as I am running a 32bit-Vista on my laptop. After the installation, I placed the SECUROM-.exe in the folder as well as the mss32.dll. When I try to start the game now, the screen switches to 800x600 resolution automatically and shows a black screen where I can see the cursor only, so I have to open task manager and close the application.
So I thought it might have sth to do with the intro videos because the game crashes before any of it is even played, what is why I renamed the responsible files in the movie file so the videos wouldn't be played. Also I checked the .ini-file: I set width and height to 1280 and 768 because it was sth with 480 before, I don't remember the exact numbers and I changed Fullscreen=0 to FullScreen=1 in graphics options, too. Still, I start the game, it blackscreens shortly after the resolution changes and I don't get any further.

Someone got an advise for me?
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