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Mos Eisley Cantina

"Do you have any ideas on what those 'other means' might be, Daceros? I'm a good fighter, but not phenomenal. My skills lie more in diplomatic relations than warfare, but something tells me Tuskens don't negotiate except with weapons. Would you be willing to help me? I'm actually looking for a friend of mine, whom this Rodian said is hiding with the raiders for some reason. He used to manufacture arms for the Republic, before it..."

Daceros suddenly frowned for a moment as old memories were brought up at the thought of combat but he shook his head and a smiled appeared on his face. "I can give you a hand out there. Been a bit since I was out in Tusken raider territory and I could use the trip."

"Before it became the Empire, I mean. Now he's with the sand people? I don't get it..."

A sudden thought came to mind. "Hmmm...Actually hiding out with the Tusken raiders isn't a bad idea. Even the Empire prefers to leave the Tusken Raiders alone unless they have an ace up their sleeves. This friend of yours...what does he do?"

"Kandosii! Gal'gala." (Nice one! Allow me to buy you a drink.),

Daceros's eyes widened as he slowly turned to look at the armored man who had appeared next to him. Although he had only understood a few words of it, he knew the name of the language.

"Excuse me for a moment. I need to speak with this one." he said pointing at the armored man next to him.

He reached into one of his pockets and pulled out a small translation device and activated and hoped that it would translate the Mandalorian's language. He had no idea who this man was but he knew the language of the original Mandalorian race and to say that that was interesting was an understatment. It was amazing.

"What species are you?" he asked as the small translator beeped and started translating.

Orbit around Tatooine.

Varias knew her fighter couldn't take much more as a small squad of fighters continued to fire at her. With the cruiser's engines out of comission the fighters had turned their attention back towards her fighter and it was taking all her skill not to hit debries left over from the battle.

This is a battle that can't be won. She thought as one of the her fighter's laser cannon's was shot off. She turned her small fighter towards the sand covered surface of Tatooine and pushed her fighter to it's limits. The way she saw this, she would either be able to lose them in the atmosphere or they would break off their attack and head back.

Either way, this is most likely going to hurt. she thought as the surface of the planet filled her view.

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