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Ah, yes, the slicing box there. I haven't seen it in days. Wonder if it got deleted, or others are just ahead of me...
Don't know many... shared areas like there are everywhere have the most nodes and no combat. And the ones in bases then still have their own turrets to defend them. Pretty sure the Ilum one is within range of said turrets. No flagsystem changes that.

Many other areas, eh? Maybe I just don't know because I get too darn easily flagged in the first place to get those 10s warnings? Could be...
I'll definitely be more careful now in assisting strangers though, hope it helps.

Anyway, today had a group of 3 turn into 2. Teammates dissapearing, and used the re-make team suggestion here, which seemed to fix it, thanks. Maurader is still rather super-boring. Just going to finish his mq then leave the char to rot I think. Consular was/is a lot more fun.

Currently send on a quest to the Holowan Labs. I seriously doubt Bio intentionally pointed here, so probably a happy accident
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