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Light was surprised to hear a response at all, and instead of completely carrying Kif, he provided a shoulder to lean on.

"There was a fight. In it, Varik blinded you. Sorry, now isn't really the time."

The doors slid open as he finished the sentence revealing a Republic soldier. Light pushed him into the hallway and began to trace his path back to the ship. Luckily it was only a few short turns to the stairs which lead to the roof, else Light might have gotten lost.

Why is it that every base always has all of these halls that look exactly the same?
Light pondered for a moment as he approached the stairs.

"Stairs ahead, be careful not to trip, Kif."

Of course, Kif stumbled when they reached the stairs and Light half carried him, but, after they were about halfway up, he was beginning to get the hang of them. They reached the top of the stairs, where Light saw Varik.

"Care to give me a hand here man?"
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