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-Sayonara ore no ichiban itoshii sekai (Goodbye my most precious world)-

The wind blows the heavens.
The light shines upon the earth.
People embrace their dreams...
To finally lose them with a certain cost.
Things I believed in and people who believed in me...
Are no more.
That is why...
Right here, right now...
I want to fly in that blue sky once again.
Before my world turn into ashes.

Chapter 5: Taris.

He ran as fast as he could, killing Sith soldiers as fast as he could. They were weak, so it wasn't a problem.

The problem was time. The Endar Spire wasn't going to resist any longer.

"This is Carth Onasi on your personal communicator. I'm tracking your position through the Endar Spire's life support systems."

"Bastila's escape pod is away, you're the last surviving crew member of the Endar Spire! I can't wait for you any longer; You have to get to the escape pods!"

As Carth ended the communication, Vaner ran through the corridors of the ship toward the escape pods.

He could sense in the force, the presence of many Sith soldiers at the door of the end of the corridor.

He ran fast toward the door and jumped on the button of door to open it, then as he was still in the mid air,
he thrown a concussion grenade on the Sith. While they were stunned, he thrown 6 daggers on the six Sith soldiers.

They were all dead in a few seconds.

"How did you kill six Sith all by yourself?!" asked Carth on Vaner's personal communicator.

He didn't had the time to say that though, Vaner was already next to him.

"Woa! ! ! Don't scare me like that! I thought you were Sith." said Carth, feeling like having a heart attack.

Vaner said nothing, he just stared at Carth silently for a second, then he said:


"Y-Yeah?" asked Carth. That man seemed suspicious, he could understand the feeling.
When Carth was going to tell him that he was a republic soldier and that he could trust him, Vaner stated :

"You haven't shaved for a while, have you?"


"How do you kn-WAIT A SECOND! ! ! This has nothing to do with our current situation!"

"Sorry, it's just that every republic soldiers I've met until now had either shaved or had a mustache. Of course the older ones had a beard."

Critical heart attack at the words 'older ones'.

"Are you calling me old? !" asked Carth with a glare.

"You're the one who said that." Said Vaner with a bored face.

A vein grew on Carth's forehead, before he could yell at the young mercenary,
Vaner pointed the escape pod : "Shouldn't we use this and talk later?"
Carth's eyes widen, he has completely forgot about the Sith and that they had to escape the Endar Spire!

"You are right, we don't have much time."


That was close. As they launched the escape pod toward the surface of the planet, the Endar Spire was destroyed.

But as soon as they arrived on the planet, the escape pod crashed itself in the city.

"Hey? ! Are you alright? Put yourself together!"He could hear Carth's concern but Vaner lost conscious anyway.

Everything has fallen into darkness...emptiness and oblivion...Until another vision came in his mind :

She was fighting one of his dark Jedi on the bridge of the ship, she put everything she had into this...Could it be her first important mission as a Jedi?

The vision ended here.

Vaner woke up with difficulties. He thought : It's seems like my mind hasn't fully recovered, even thought it has been one year.
The memories of that day are like separated pieces of mosaic inside my head...

Before he could think some more, he heard a familiar voice:

"Good to see you up, instead of trashing around in your sleep."
Carth walked toward him and inspected Vaner to see if his injuries were healed.
"You must have been having one hell of a nightmare. I was wondering if you were ever going to wake up."

Then he pointed himself with his finger and asked:
"I'm Carth, one of the republic soldiers from the Endar Spire. I was with you on the escape pod, do you remember?"

As soon as he saw Carth, Vaner had a dull expression on his face.

"No, I don't."


"I was the one who rescued you when you got injured in the escape pod."


"We talked on the Endar Sprire."

...More silence.

"...You said I haven't shaved for a while and you complained that I was too fat to go inside the escape pod."

"Ah! Yes, I remember now, Carth Onasi." said Vaner with a big smile.

I already detest this person, thought Carth.

After looking all around himself, Vaner asked : "By the way, why are we in this cheap apartment? Whoever made the decoration has really bad taste."

Carth's face paled at his words and tried to stay calm as possible : "I...did."

"...Oh..." Vaner tried another approach : "But they must have been cheap, you seem to be very economical."

"...No, they weren't cheap."


Change subject, change subject!

"By the way, where are we?" asked Vaner.

Carth's depression was put aside, and he answered :
"We're in an abandoned apartment on the planet of Taris. You were banged up pretty bad when our escape pod crashed, but luckily I wasn't seriously hurt."

Vaner sat down on the bed and listened to Carth's explanation.

"I was able to drag you away from our crash site in all the confusion, and I took this abandoned apartment. By the time the Sith arrived on the scene we were long gone."

So he saved my life...Thought Vaner. But more because he need me to survive.

"The Sith are here?" He asked.

"Yeah, Taris is under Sith control. They've declared martial law and they've imposed a planet wide quarantine. But I've been in worse spots."

So have I, Thought Vaner.

"There's no way the Republic will be able to get anyone through the Sith Blockade to help us."

"So it means we are by ourselves to find Bastila and get off this planet." finished Vaner.

Carth smiled and told him : "You catch on quick."

He nodded and wondered out loud :
"But why is it so important to find Bastila? I know she is a Jedi but still, there must be something special about her if the republic and the sith are after her." said Vaner.

Something that the council kept secret, in fear I would corrupt her to the darkside.

"I see your service records weren't lying about your sharp mind. Yes, Bastila isn't a ordinary Jedi, she has a power called 'battle meditation'." Answered Carth.

Battle meditation...Thought Vaner somberly.

Master Kreia had told him about it when he was still her padawan.

Every soldier knows that war is more than arms and armor. Half of every conflict is the will to win.

"It's a rare force ability which boost the morale of allies and reduce some of enemy, right?"

Carth was impressed and at the same time suspicious.

"Yeah, basically it's like this. But how do you know about it? Not many Republic soldiers have heard about it."

Vaner cursed inside his head.

"That is because...I'm not a republic soldier even thought I work with the republic."

Now he was even MORE suspicious : " Oh? And what is your position inside the republic?"

"I'm a lone mercenary who worked for the republic during one year." Carth's stare was painful to bear but Vaner stayed strong.

"A mercenary?...'sigh' I guess in those dark times, we need all sort of help. Even from a...mercenary."

He stopped the interrogation and said : "No matter who you are, I'll still need your help for finding Bastila and get off this planet."
Then he walked toward the window and looked outside with a tired face :
"Bastila is the key to the whole Republic war effort. If the sith find her before, the republic will..." He grinded his teeth as if remembering awful memories.

The sith are brutal and cruel. Worse than the Mandalorian.
They killed so many innocents people and corrupted many others...

All of them deserved to die!

With a sad face, Vaner was staring at Carth for a while.

He wasn't the first one who thought this way.

But no matter how true it was, these thoughts would lead him in a dark path.

Lost companions, sadness, Hate, Revenge, ...Vaner knew all of this.

And he didn't wanted to remember them.

That's why...

He walked toward Carth and put a hand on his shoulder.
Carth turned around to look Vaner, who said : "It just mean we have to be faster than the Sith. Don't worry Carth, We will win this war."

"Beside..." he forced a smile.


"We won against Darth Revan right?"

So deserving and yet so painful...why?

Carth didn't notice Vaner was forcing himself to smile and said: "Yeah, I hope you are right. If we defeated a Sith lord then why not the second."

This time Vaner's smile was an honest one : "That's the spirit, unshaved one."

"Will you please stop with the stupid nickname." Carth wasn't very amused.

"Shave yourself first then we can talk about it." Vaner, however had a lot of fun.

"I don't have any razor." said Carth.

"Then buy some...Oh no, you have bought the 'ugly not cheap' furniture for the apartment."

"I loathe you very much."

"I love you too, shaved Wookie."

"Argh! ! ! You are impossible."

So began the adventure and the friendship of Vaner and Carth.


NEXT CHAPTER 6 : We are garbage collectors, Let us pass Undercity!


Carth: By the way, you didn't told me where you heard about the battle meditation.

Vaner: Let just say it involve a Jedi girl, a wookie without fur and a narcissism Mercenary.



Carth: I'm not going to ask about this, EVER again.

Carth Onasi 0 point / Vaner (Revan) 1 point.

When a former sith lord doesn't want you to ask him a certain question, you DON'T ask that certain question.

The more the difficulty, the more the glory.
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