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Exclamation Extracting Animations *MultiThread Tutorial* 3DS MAX

Guys, i think i can help everyone out here, old thread but we all love modding so, here goes

This only works for people with Autodesk® 3DS Max
Note, there is also the plugin for Gmax too, but i dont have Gmax, i will also host that plugin too!

i figured this out last night, whilst playing around with some nwn tools, all animations are stored within the aurora model extention, hence why it needs it for extract.

So when navigating to your model in Kotor tool,
only navigate to the Aurora model, nothing else, double click on it

ill give an example

BIFS -> Party.bif -> Aurora Model -> p_HK47.mdl

Double Click do NOT click extract on the right

on the popup choose your options, if you want the animations check export animations select the folder where you want it, click ok.

Kotor tool automatically does what mdl ops is supposed to do hidden function only just noticed that, because once its extracted well you no longer need mdl ops, since the ASCII binary is there waiting for you


Open up 3Ds Max
i have both 2009 and 2012 so i have tested it, and it works in both versions

Now for 3ds max,

you need to have NWmax by Joco, main website is dead but i will host it on the subsection of my company website

to install run the installer, as admin(win 7 vista) browse to your current 3ds max location be it 2006 or 2013 it doesn't matter it works, select your max location then press ok, when you look at the installation path you should see something like this

"C:/Program Files/Autodesk/3ds Max 2009/3dsmax6"
"C:/(x86)Program Files/Autodesk/3ds Max 2009/3dsmax6"

delete the "3dsmax6" and click next, this allows the plugin to be installed correct, and so no housekeeping is needed, follow through the install, your done!

Here come the fun part!!!

in 3ds max you will have the plugin auto load and be there when you open
the program

dock the tool bar it will be way easier by clicking general utils and select float speedbar

open MDL loading subpanel

on filename click browse, navigate to where you extracted your model, select it

now this is where you need to pay attention

under the filename you have some options, since all the anims are stored within the extention when you extracted the model the anims were placed within the mdl binary

now you can choose if you want the Geo(model) animations or both, NOTE* there is a bug within importer, some animations do get screwed up really bad but you do have the bone rig when importing, some models do have some good animation, so if your willing to give your time and fix the interpolation with the key frames and position them correctly then please go ahead,

i will also put up a vid for 3ds max 2009 and 2012 and show the install process on both and the import aswell, i felt as i needed to share because ive been playing around with these tool and the unreal development kit, so, having these animations saves quite a lot of manual work

if you need help please email me
i will do my best to help you, also the web page to download both the gmax and 3ds max plugins are,

Shaun Cassidy

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