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Changing skin on blaster withoiut changing the original

I wanted to make a custom blaster based off the Elite Watchman Blaster (w_blaste_27) in TSL. I just want to change the properties and the color of the gun, but don't want to change the original gun. I have done this successfully with some new masks, but it doesn't seem to work with blasters. In the inventory screen it will show my blaster and the Elite Watchman Blaster as two different colored guns, but when I equip them, the Elite Watchman Blaster is the same color as my custom blaster. I just want the Elite Watchman Blaster to remain its original color when it is in my hand and have my custom blaster only to have the new skin.

I recolored the skins iw_HldOBlst_004.tpc and w_HldOBlst_004.tpc and renamed them from "004" to "071" and saved them. I edited the .uti file and have it saved as w_blaste_98 and changed the model variation from "4" to "71". I also extracted w_hldoblst_004.mdl and w_hldoblstr_004.mdx.

I opened the .mdl file in mdlops and hit "read and write" and get the ascii file and a text file. I then open w_hldoblst_004-ascii.mdl in mdlops and click "renamer" and change the name from "w_HldOBlst_004" to "w_HldOBlst_071" and write the model and get the "k2-r-bin" files. I delete the files w_hldoblst_004.mdl and w_hldoblst_004.mdx, the ascii and text files, and rename w_hldoblst_004-k2-r-bin.mdl and w_hldoblst_004-k2-r-bin.mdx to w_hldoblst_071.mdl and w_hldoblst_071.mdl. Then I open w_hldoblst_071.mdl with mdlops, click "read and write" and get a new ascii and text file.

Now when I do the above steps with a mask I will see my custom mask having the skin that I made and the original mask having the original skin. However, when I do it with a blaster, I see my custom blaster having my new skin and the original blaster having my new skin as well. I just want to make it so I my skin only effects my custom blaster and not the original blaster's skin.

Not sure why what I do works on masks and not on blasters?

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