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Tatooine, Mos Eisley Cantina

"Tell me...have you tested your strength against the native Tusken Raiders?"

"I've taken down beasts larger than you with my bare hands. I'm sure these 'Tusken Raiders', are going to be nothing more than a nuisance."

Darasuum turned to his right to see a group of stormtroopers enter.

"Hmph. I probably shouldn't have roughed that trooper up. Looks like he brought friends."

"Watch how a true warrior does it.", he said as he walked into the middle of the group.

He grabbed the closest trooper and forcefully drove his knuckles through the helmet's faceplate, obliterating it and sending the trooper to the ground. He used his momentum to drive his elbow into the chest of the trooper to his side; he then grabbed his leg and dropped him to the floor. As one of the troopers began to fire, he sidestepped and grabbed the rifle by the barrel, and then kicked the trooper in the knees with his right leg. He followed it with a punch to the neck, and wrenched the rifle from his grasp. He smashed the barrel of the rifle into another trooper's helmet, and then grabbed his body as a shield from more blaster fire. He kicked the body into a group of troopers, and tackled a lone trooper into the bar. He grabbed his rifle and shot at the legs of the remaining troopers, before throwing it into the center of the group.


Elyshar was watching the fight between the armored man and a group of stormtroopers. A few people were scurrying out of the cantina, while others stayed to watch. The fight was in his advantage until he tackled a trooper into the bar and nearly into him. He saw the remaining stormtroopers ready their rifles, and he wasn't going to let them gun him down. He used the force to lift the four troopers into the air. He contemplated what to do with them for a moment, and then threw them into the opposite end of the cantina - each of them either smashing into a light, table, or wall. As he walked up to the armored man, they turned to see the other troopers getting up.

Rebel Heavy Cruiser, Tatooine Atmosphere

Darrek saw the transparisteel windows glow red-hot with friction as the ship entered Tatooine's atmosphere. He saw the yellow sand grow closer and closer, until the ship collided with the ground. He saw explosions and parts of the ship collapsing until passing out.

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