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Dune Sea

Haruuugh, stood over the body of the unconscious and grunted in victory. "The chief will reward me for this fine catch." He said, gloating. Another tusken raider looked up at the sky, "We should head back to the caves, the sky is streaked with fire." he said, sounding scared. Haruuugh pointed towards the wookie, and they moved to pick him up. "Let us hurry then." Haruugh said.

Caves of the Dune Sea, Tusken Raider Hideout

Zothressk stood in the tusken meeting room and hissed, he had been waiting for the chief to finish his meeting with some of the tribe elders hours, he had only just finished. The chief, Ruurarrrruor, stood up and grunted a hello towards the trandoshan. "The new rifles you made us are very effective," Ruurarrrruor said, "My warriors tell me they will never use their old ones again. We are grateful for your help."

"I'm grateful to you and your tribe aswell, for letting me stay here." Zothressk said, "But I need to ask you something, about the human prisoner that Haruuugh's group just brought in." Ruurarrrruor was silent, and Zothressk assumed he was puzzeled, so he continued. "The human prisoner is a friend of mine, and I wish to speak to her, and if at all possible, I wish her released."

He didn't really know who the human was, but he did know she was a jedi, and jedi were once great warriors for the republic. Ruurarrrruor shook his head, "She was trespassing on my tribes territory, Haruuugh told me she killed four of my warriors, to release her would be betrayal to my people. I cannot let her go." Zothressk nodded, "I understand, may I at least speak with her?" he asked, hopefully. Ruurarrrruor hesitated, then answered. "I see no harm in this, you may speak to the human prisoner."

Zothressk nodded, "Thank you Ruurarrrruor, you are a very honorable leader, and warrior." The tusken chief stood in silence for a moment, then spoke. "You may not be one of my race, Zothressk, but you are one of my people, and you are part of this tribe. I trust you more then many of my own kind."

Zothressk left the meeting room and walked towards to prison pens. I can't stay here any longer, the empire has to be stopped, and maybe this jedi can help me. He thought to himself. Several tusken guards sat near the prison cells, some of them held stun blasters that he had made for them. He walked passed the cells, until he found the person he was looking for.

Kelarra looked up to see a trandoshan starring at her. She was tied up and couldn't move and her vision was still fuzy from the stun blast. What is a trandoshan doing in the middle of a tusken camp? She wondered. The trandoshan spoke to her, "You are a jedi, am I correct?" he asked. Kelarra remained silent, she felt no need to tell this person anything about herself. Zothressk sighed, and shook his head. "I want to help you jedi, I was once part of the republic, and I'm working on a plan to stop the empire." he said, trying to convince her.

Kelarra was suspicious. "Why should I listen to anything that comes out of your scalely mouth?" she asked him. "Because i'm telling you the truth," He answered "I used to own one of the greatest weapon companies in the republic, and i've been avoiding the empire for almost a year. If you'll trust me, I believe I can get you out of here."

Kelarra listened to the trandoshan and thought about what he said, Is he telling the truth? What if this is all some kind of imperial trick? Who is this trandoshan? Her mind raced with different questions. Zothressk turned around as he heard the sounds of footsteps, two tusken raiders were walking towards them, dragging a wookie behind them. The tuskens dropped the wookie in an adjacent cell and shackled him to the wall. It looks likes Haruuugh's on a roll today." Zothressk thought to himself.

Lets rock and role play!

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