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Much of the feel of her touch was lost in his pauldron, the thick, stiff leather leaving only the weight of her hand to transfer to the flesh beneath. Nevertheless, he was less than comfortable for its duration. Kyo didn't like having people -- particularly, strangers -- close to him, and having this woman invade his personal space was hardly pleasant. But a moment later her hand was gone, the woman with his water had returned, and his attention was elsewhere.

The moment he turned his eyes to watch his water be delivered to him in an ale mug was the moment the woman caught her foot on his bag. The waitress backed away in surprise, and the culprit returned with an apologetic word and a blush that hinted at sincerity. He pressed his lips together and stood from his seat only to kneel beside the bag.

"Please," he said, his voice nothing but quietly polite. He glanced at her as he picked up his water flask. The book, with its few-links-wide golden chain swinging from its binding, was now tucked away beneath his arm. "It's quite all right. I can take care of it."

He gave the redhead another furtive look. She had shown interest in the caravan...did that mean she would be joining it as well? Some part of him hoped not; things tended to get broken easily enough while on the road. A klutz would only add to that likelihood.

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