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You come to a point in the uninstall process that says "do you want to keep your saved games and system files" or something like that, but in the end the uninstaller would never uninstall anything that didn't come when you downloaded the game(like the mods). Basically what I am saying is that you can keep your saved games, but I wouldn't because if any of your mods are doing something when you saved your game, then you will have problems when you load the saved game without the mods. Also when you uninstall it, you have to go into program files\lucasarts and you will see a knights of the old republic folder. Now you need to go in there and delete the folders that have your mods, it usually leaves those behind after the uninstallation, but remember if you kept your saved games then you shouldn't delete those And for now I would just start with solomons revenge then add mods later Hope this helps
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