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Saying that Revan was better off without TSL's insight into him is a fallacy.

Kreia's discussions with the PC about Revan was like we were talking to Revan ourself. We never really knew what happened post-mandalorian wars. The idea that Revan fell to prevent a greater evil is an example of how deep this show can go. People want to stick with the OT idea that Dark Side and Light side are black and white, and TSL exposed that. It showed the flaws of the Dark Side, and the Light, yet the strength of mastering both.

I take TSL's intake of Revan anyday over a generic power-hungry tyrant that is what is hot. A grey-side of the dark/light dichotomy is much appreciated. However, since Bioware wanted to dust that idea, they brought back the stupid "Revan sought to conquer the galaxy for power" ****.

TOR in itself would have made a great singleplayer game, but it fails as an MMO. If it hadn't even mentioned Revan I would have been happier, but fact is that they decided to ruin one of the best characters of the saga. There are people who should realize that Revan is not a god, but you can't say he's an average force user either.
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